The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 613 - Some Things Are Better Left… Explained

Chapter 613 - Some Things Are Better Left… Explained

Qing You was a high-ranking member of Gu Sha Mercenaries. To be honest, her identity called for absolute secrecy.

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Gu Sha was an international mercenary organization and Qing You, as one of its executive members, needed to keep her identity confidential.

Of course, Qing You wanted to tell Liu Tie and Liu Ziyun the truth purely because they were her family and the closest people she had. She wanted to be honest to dispel the misunderstanding.

Being honest could come on multiple levels. One was coming clean completely and another was for Qing You to only disclose that she used to be an assassin. Both meant more or less the same thing but it was obviously not the right move to spill everything about Qing You’s identity.

She was, after all, Gu Sha Mercenaries’ high-ranking member, and the organization had its rules. Yun Jian had been the one to set them and even she could not break them easily—what was more, this was Qing You.

Yun Jian was biased to her own people but she would not give in when this had to do with a bottom line.

When Qing You turned to look at Yun Jian, Liu Ziyun was bewildered. He was not stupid. He could gauge from Qing You and Yun Jian’s interaction that they must share some kind of relationship. The nature of it, however, remained unknown—unless Qing You revealed the truth.

"Xiao Xin, it’s fine. We’re home now. I wasn’t capable of finding you and letting you suffer out there. I’ll take care of you from now on. I won’t let anyone bully you, Xiao Xin, I..."

Liu Tie thought that Qing You just did not want to revisit her past. His wrinkled face was dreary as he spoke. Halfway through it, tears filled his eyes and his calloused hand came up to wipe them away.

Seeing that Qing You was adamant about keeping where she had gone to from their knowledge, Liu Tie was certain of one thing. His Xiao Xin had indeed suffered a lot of hardship.

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"Dad, this isn’t your fault. It isn’t mom’s either. If one must be blamed, it was me who had been playful." Qing You stood beside Liu Tie and patted his back to comfort him, feeling her heart ache.

"Tell them," Yun Jian said suddenly when Qing You had decided to drop the matter.

Qing You’s hand that had been stroking Liu Tie in soothing him paused. Looking at Yun Jian, she asked in surprise, "Sister Jian?"

"Some things are better left... explained," Yun Jian told her with a smile.

If it had been Yun Jian in her past life, she would not support Qing You in being honest. Slaying God in the previous life was heartless. Back then, even when her younger brother died, she was sad but she was not crushed by the incident.

After her rebirth, however, Yun Jian who had spent such a long time with other people realized that a strong kinship could exist between people.

There was no one who did not yearn for a family. Yun Jian did too in her previous life, but what she yearned for was perhaps only the bond, the feeling of being cared for, not a tangible person.

It was until now when little Yun Zhu, Qing Yirou, Yun Yi and others had thoroughly blended into her life that she understood what family was. She knew that no one else could replace either of them.

"Mn!"Qing You nodded strongly after receiving Yun Jian’s permission.

Yun Yi could not help perking up his ears seeing that Qing You was about to reveal the truth while Liu Ziyun was standing in attention. Liu Qi was the only one who still wore a nonchalant gaze.

The next second, Qing You’s melodic voice rang. "After I was abducted back then..."

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