The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 614 - Qing You’s Past—I’m An Assassin

Chapter 614 - Qing You’s Past—I’m An Assassin

"After I was abducted back then, I was taken to an island directly. I found out later that there were at least a few hundreds of kids who were captured there just like me." Qing You paused when she got to this part, as if she could still recall the fear she felt back then.

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"I was terrified but I couldn’t cry. I remember what you said, dad, if I forgot the way home one day, I should stand there and wait for you. Because you’d find me, no matter where I am in the world, you’d come looking for me."

Qing You clasped her hand over Liu Tie’s old and larger hand.

Before Qing You was abducted, Liu Tie pampered her, his youngest daughter. He was a born and bred farmer; when he went farming in the past, he would take Qing You along and tell her stories. When he had spun too many tales, he would tell her philosophies that the girl could yet to understand at that age too. Liu Tie had not gone to school but he gained a lot of insights after living for more than half of his life.

The only thing that Qing You could understand was this. Many parents would remind their children to watch out for their safety as well but to Qing You, what her father told her was a maxim she kept in her heart for life.

Tears slid off the corners of Qing You’s eyes slowly. She continued to speak at everyone’s attention, "I kept standing there, not daring to go any farther. There were children who ran because they got scared."

"When one kid started to run, the rest followed. But that was an island. Other than the island itself, the surrounding was a borderless ocean. Those children who ran away got killed. A bunch of men with machine guns killed them. Their corpses were dragged away too. All the dead bodies of the children were fed to wolfhounds."

Qing You gradually recovered to her usual tone.

"Then, they began to train us, the kids who didn’t run. For a few months, we trained day and night. It was there that I learned how to kill someone..."

Qing You raised both her hands as she spoke. When she talked about killing people, she was monotonous, like it was as simple as eating. Liu Qi’s legs had started to tremble.

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"Dad, you guys should’ve guessed it by now. It was an assassin organization and I’m an assassin." Qing You paused again when she got here.

"But I was very lucky. I was in the organization for a few months then I met my master. My master took me away from that horrifying place. Otherwise, I’d have long been a cold corpse now."

If Snake.Lizard had not taken Qing You away back then, Qing You was incapable of escaping the place based on her ability. She was not as skilled or as competent as Yun Jian. Qing You was only slightly above average.

If Qing You had stayed in the assassin organization like Yun Jian from start to finish, she would never be able to leave there alive because there would only be a handful of people to survive from the hundreds of them.

Qing You stopped, marking the end of her confession. She did not tell Liu Tie that she had been working under Yun Jian since then because she knew that the latter did not want to expose her identity.

"An assa-assassin? Xi-Xiao Xin... these wounds on you, they’re..." Liu Tie’s eyes widened as he stared at Qing You in extreme disbelief, his jaw dropped.

"Mn, I was slashed by people. Some were gunshots." Since she had divulged her identity, she did not hide the details.

"Liu Xin you..." Liu Ziyun was at a loss for words from what Qing You said.

His baby sister whom he thought had come back from comfort and luxury had actually gone through such pains...

Liu Qi was dumbfounded as well, staring at Qing You with bulging eyes.

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