The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 615 - The Air Cleared—Live Together

Chapter 615 - The Air Cleared—Live Together

Their baby sister who was abducted was not sold to brothels, nor incapacitated and made to beg on the streets. Both the possibilities were frequent sights in reality.

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Many children in Luo Village who were abducted were crippled by the time their parents found them.

How could a girl who had been a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e find a husband? Which debilitated beggar on the street was not missing a limb? How would they make a living in the future? Some were even blinded. These were nothing but the human traffickers’ tactics to arouse sympathy from passersby for the poor children.

The vile human traffickers were not ruining a person but a family’s happiness.

In spite of it, none of those were Qing You’s encounters. She had gone somewhere far more brutal—an assassin organization.

Perhaps being sold into prostitution or incapacitated and made to beg on the streets was unfortunate, but these people were alive at least. An assassin organization, however, it was truly the survival of the fittest.—You die if you are incapable.

There were only a mere few children out of the several hundred who ultimately survived there. Sometimes, there were not even three who managed to stay alive.

His sister was actually taken to a place like that! Liu Ziyun felt his heart drop. In that second, his resentment for Qing You completely dissipated.

He held a grudge because he kept thinking that Qing You had been enjoying an easy life all these years and was reluctant to return home. Now that he knew she had gone through so much, Liu Ziyun felt his heart ache for her as her brother. This was his baby sister!

"Oh, my Xiao Xin, you’ve gone through so much. It’s all my fault. I didn’t find you, I didn’t keep my promise. It’s my fault, it’s my fault..." Liu Tie nearly lost his soul when he listened to Qing You’s narration. After that, he pounded his c.h.e.s.t crying out due to his incompetence.

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He really did not expect his youngest daughter to be abducted into an assassin organization! Anyone who entered that kind of place died without a doubt!

"Dad, aren’t I alive and back now? Stop blaming yourself. If you didn’t tell me to stand there and wait for you when we get lost, I’d have run and scurried around with the other children back then," Qing You told Liu Tie earnestly, grabbing his hand.

If Qing You had beetled about like those children did back then, she would have died on the spot.

Liu Tie calmed down immediately as she said that.

Yun Jian scanned everyone’s expression, noting that Liu Ziyun had completely wiped off his previous misunderstanding toward Qing You. As for Liu Qi, her elder sister, her emotions were complicated.

Liu Qi had always thought that Qing You was back to fight for their father and brother’s love with her, but there was a faint pang to her heart now after knowing about her little sister’s suffering.

To Liu Qi, Qing You had taken away all her childhood pampering, so when she was abducted, Liu Qi was secretly gleeful because the love and care came back to her. In spite of it, there was an emptiness in her heart like something was missing.

Liu Qi had always had a sharp tongue. No one would dare crown themselves the first if she were to call herself second in making verbal attacks.

"So dad, we must stay together as a family from now on." Except for mom... Qing You wore a bitter smile.

Liu Tie nodded emotionally.

"Count me in too." Just when Yun Jian was feeling happy for Qing You, a decisive voice of a guy cut in. Turning around, Yun Jian realized that it was her own elder brother.

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