The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 616 - I’ll Take Responsibility. Finish Them Off

Chapter 616 - I’ll Take Responsibility. Finish Them Off

Yun Yi who spoke suddenly caught them off guard.

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The few of them then recalled at once that Yun Yi had called Qing You ’his’ right in front of everyone to defend her. So... it was not a joke?

To be honest, Liu Tie really thought that what Yun Yi said earlier was a joke. After all, a young man like Yun Yi was incredibly wonderful in his opinion. He was handsome and looked decent. A look at him told enough of how dependable he must be.—Not that Liu Tie would put his youngest daughter and Yun Yi together.

From what happened earlier, Liu Tie thought that Yun Yi had stepped out to call Qing You his purely because he wanted to show support for Qing You as a friend. Yet, just when he was reconnecting with his youngest daughter and watching his family stick back up, Yun Yi said what he said.

Was there really something between him and his youngest daughter?

Liu Tie did not watch Qing You grow up after all. He frowned and began to scrutinize the young man.

"Xiao Xin, he...?" Liu Tie asked Qing You with a finger pointed at Yun Yi who stood not too far beside Yun Jian.

"Dad, he’s my friend’s elder brother." Knowing that Liu Tie did not mind her past encounter, Qing You answered him with a smile as she went to hold his hand affectionately.

The friend Qing You mentioned was Yun Jian. Anyone, even if they were blind, could discern that. However, what Qing You said frustrated Yun Yi. What did she say? Her friend’s elder brother? Was that all?

"Your friend’s brother? We slept together and you call me your friend’s brother?" Yun Yi went right up to Qing You and grabbed her delicate wrist, lightly. He would hurt her easily if he was too forceful—Yun Yi liked her too much to do that.

"Pft." A chuckle escaped Yun Jian the moment she heard what her brother said. The atmosphere was overturned directly from its initial tension following her chortle.

"Wha-what did you say?" Qing You widened her round eyes and refused to admit it, even when a stream of warmth flowed through her when she heard what Yun Yi said.

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"What did I say? Do I have to repeat myself? We’ve slept in the same bed, what do you think we are?" Yun Yi threw his gentlemanly ways to the wind and behaved rogue for once. His goal for coming on this trip was obvious—he was going to win Qing You over.

"I..." Qing You was unable to make a comeback and pouted looking at Liu Tie. "Dad, look. He’s bullying me."

Liu Tie was speechless.

Qing You then turned to Yun Jian and acted coy. "Sister Jian, your brother’s bullying me. You’ve got to help me."

Yun Jian stroked Yun Zhu’s head and looked away, replying, "I didn’t see anything."

It was Qing You’s turn to be speechless.

"Punk, how dare you bully Liu... my sister?" Liu Ziyun stepped forward and yanked Yun Yi’s collars, speaking up like the gang member he was.

His sudden change of address towards Qing You as ’my sister’ brought a sparkle to the girl’s eyes. It surprised her.

"I’ll take responsibility," Yun Yi whose collars were still gripped by Liu Ziyun spoke seriously.

Just as everything was taking a turn for the better, a group of people were marching toward them aggressively with shovels used for farming.

"There they are! They were the ones who shot ol’Third’s members!"

"B*stards! Finish them off!"

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