The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 618 - Armed—Let’s See Who’s Faster

Chapter 618 - Armed—Let’s See Who’s Faster

Liu Ziyun was involved in the gang in Xin City as well. It was when his mother, Qing You’s birth mother, passed away in looking for her that he quit studying and dropped out of school.

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Since then, Liu Ziyun has lived in abandonment. Liu Tie was helpless against him. To Liu Ziyun, losing his mother was a reality he could not accept.

It had been a few years since Liu Ziyun joined a gang. Liu Tie only knew that he had joined a mob in Xin City but nothing more than that. Despite the extended period of time Liu Ziyun had been in a gang, he was only at the lowest rank.

Who was this Brother Hu, then? When Liu Ziyun had first joined the mob, Brother Hu was already an executive member of a large gang. He was not exactly celebrated as the executive member but his status was enough to subdue Liu Ziyun.

Hence, Liu Ziyun was nervous and scared when he saw Brother Hu.

Naturally, Brother Hu did not know a small-time member like Liu Ziyun but when someone called him in a quivering tone just as he barged into Liu Tie’s yard with his brothers—probably recognizing him, Brother Hu felt too big for his boots immediately.

He did not expect someone sensible to recognize him!

"Hah!" Brother Hu scoffed loud and long as he led the group to the front yard and spun the shovel he carried.

Suddenly, his gaze paused when he espied Yun Jian and Qing You.

Oh ho, these young girls are pretty!

As a high-ranking member of a big mob in Xin City, Brother Hu had countless women, but he still felt refreshed the moment he saw Yun Jian and Qing You.

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"Oh-ho-ho-ho!" Brother Hu whistled and checked out Yun Jian and Qing You lecherously before he bobbed the shovel in his hand on the ground.

"You guys shot my third brother just now. Is this a death wish?" Brother Hu bellowed abruptly, his brazen voice made most of those around shudder.

Liu Tie was only a farmer who had been honest and stayed within his lane all his life. Having never encountered something like this, he was rather frightened but he pulled Qing You’s hand to try to hide her behind him anyway.

"Your third brother?" Si Yi leaned against a corner of a wall idly with his hawk-like gaze pinning Brother Hu down. His casual tone was laced with a domineering aura that could not be ignored.

"F*cking b*stards, you’re the one who shot his d*ck!" An old bachelor who stood next to Brother Hu shouted at Si Yi to make himself look good in front of Brother Hu.

"Hah." Si Yi smirked. There was not an inkling of threat that he felt due to Brother Hu and the men’s presence.

"D*mn it! Do you guys want to die? How dare you be so arrogant when you laid a finger on my man! F*ck!" Brother Hu swung his shovel and hacked it down toward the ground.

Then, as if suddenly remembering something, Brother Hu tossed the shovel and carefully pulled out a real gun from his pants pocket.

"F*ck, you think I’ll be scared because you have a gun? I have one too! Haha! Do you think I’m scared of you guys?" Brother Hu knew that Wang Solo’s member was shot with a pistol, so he had come armed and ready.

Liu Tie, Liu Ziyun, and Liu Qi felt chills running down their back instinctively when they saw the firearm in Brother Hu’s hand.

"So what if you have a gun? Do you dare contest with me? Let’s see if your gun or my knife’s faster?" As she spoke, Yun Jian had brandished a butterfly knife that she was toying and twirling with ease.

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