The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 619 - Done With His Last Words. Brother Hu Who Brings It Upon Himself

Chapter 619 - Done With His Last Words. Brother Hu Who Brings It Upon Himself

When he saw Yun Jian flashing a butterfly knife and playing with it so smoothly, Brother Hu felt his heart stutter.

’F*ck!’ he cursed in his mind. How could he be intimidated because a girl held a knife? It did not make sense!

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Looking at Yun Jian’s gorgeous face and her shapely figure wrapped under her winter wear, Brother Hu, however, felt an itch.

"Do you know who I am?" Brother Hu hooked his gun and spun it backward, acting cool in front of Yun Jian, before he asked. He patted himself on the back after the show.

Brother Hu was a handsome guy when he was younger. Put that with the backward twirling of his gun hooked around his finger, it was enough to infatuate a large group of young girls.

Watching Brother Hu act cool with that burly bordering fat body of his, Yun Jian kept her butterfly knife back to her palm and said looking at him, "You’re a pig."

’You’re a pig’... Yun Jian just called Brother Hu a pig and actually, he quite resembled one.

A pig was not tall while Brother Hu was 180cm but his chunky arms and fleshy legs were nearly four or five times thicker than Yun Jian’s limbs.

What would he look like if not a pig with that form?

With that pointed out, a few old bachelors next to Brother Hu struggled to hold in their laugh. Some had even chuckled aloud.

Brother Hu was a high-ranking member of Xin City’s second largest mob. A lot of gang members were scared of him but Yun Jian called him a pig?

"Ha-ha-ha, what’s so funny!" Brother Hu turned to bellow at the single old man.

Then, he directed his gaze to Qing You and Liu Ziyun.

He spoke to Liu Ziyun directly, "Kid, you’re with the gang in Xin City too huh? Heh, I heard that that’s your younger sister who just came back? She’s quite pretty! Lend her to me for a few days, I’ll promote you to be my underling for the gang I’m in, what do you think?"

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Brother Hu made the offer to Liu Ziyun sounding like he was making a loss.

Liu Ziyun had been frightened just now but when he heard what the man said, an inexplicable rage soared within him.

Qing You had suffered so much hardship. If Liu Ziyun did not know, he might blame his baby sister. Even then, when he did not know about it, he had chased Qing You away just because he was too furious.

Liu Ziyun was a gang member but he had pride. There was no way he would give his sister away as an offering in exchange for his status!

"Blergh! Scram! I won’t let you go even if I die if you dare lay a finger on my sister!" Liu Ziyun snarled at once, his initial meek state transformed in the blink of an eye.

Even Qing You was shocked. "Ge..." she called out, touched.

"Don’t worry, it’s fine. You’re at home, no one will bully you. Ge will protect you!" Liu Ziyun turned to grin at Qing You, putting himself in front of Brother Hu.

"F*ck!" Brother Hu growled, his eyes traveling between Qing You and Yun Jian. He was going to take both of them with him today no matter what!

"Are you done with your last words?" Si Yi’s aloof yet domineering voice came from the side just as Brother Hu went berserk.

No longer leaning against the wall as he had been earlier, Si Yi walked toward them.

"What last words? F*ck you! Who the f*ck do you think you are!" Brother Hu hollered when he caught up with the situation, enraged by what Si Yi had said out of the blue.

"Looks like you’re done. You can die then." Without looking up, Si Yi held a pistol in his hand like a magic trick.

"I have..." ’I have a gun too!’—Before Brother Hu raised his gun, Si Yi had pulled the trigger with his long finger.


He had said before that anyone who tried to slander or coveted his girl must die!

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