The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 621 - Take That Out. A Pool of Blood

Chapter 621 - Take That Out. A Pool of Blood

Liu Tie could finally breathe in relief when Si Yi kept his pistol.

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In spite of it, he shuddered when he saw Brother Hu’s corpse on the ground. In the end, he went to nudge Si Yi and turned to call Liu Ziyun and Liu Qi, as well as Qing You and Yun Jian.

"Go! Go now! Leave, all of you!" Liu Tie chased them away as he tugged them. Liu Ziyun and Liu Qi, too, were asked to leave.

"Dad! You..." Liu Ziyun widened his eyes, staring at his father in disbelief.

"Go quickly! Speak no more. Xiao Yun, fetch the metal tin under my bed. It has our savings. Take all the money and leave, the farther the better! Don’t come back for the rest of your life!" Liu Tie said, pale and frowning.

"And Xiao Xin, oh, Xiao Xin, my good girl, you go with them too!" Liu Tie flashed a smile that looked more like a grimace as he urged.

"Xiao Yun, promise me you’ll take good care of your sisters!" Liu Tie then turned to tell Liu Ziyun.

His reminder had only drained the colors of Liu Ziyun and Liu Qi’s faces. They, too, had realized the severity of the matter.

Liu Tie was only a farmer in Luo Village but Brother Hu was a high-ranking member of Xin City’s second largest gang. Liu Tie did not kill Brother Hu but the latter died in his house.

The second largest gang in Xin City was infamous for their ways. Not only were they collecting protection rackets from shops and workers who made an honest living, but they were also usually exploiting the people in Xin City too.

Forget that an executive member from its gang died, this second largest mob would implicate Liu Tie’s entire family even if it was just a regular gang member.

Liu Tie had always been an upright man. Although Si Yi was the one who killed Brother Hu, he would have to go to jail or even be executed by shooting if things got serious. He could not bear to watch a good kid like him waste his life just like this.

After all, Brother Hu and his men were the ones who started the issue, even when Liu Tie thought that Si Yi had acted too rashly.

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In addition, Liu Tie could not bear to leave this place where he and his late wife had spent all their life. Considering his children, however, he could only ask Liu Ziyun and Liu Qi to leave together.

"Dad? We didn’t kill him. Why should we leave too?" Liu Qi was from Xin City, so it was only natural for her to have heard of the intimidation of the city’s second largest gang. She just did not understand why they had to run away when they did not kill Brother Hu.

Liu Tie’s action was plain and obvious. He was going to bear the crime for Si Yi!

Si Yi blinked his dark eyes twice, equally surprised. This man was going to be the scapegoat for what he had done?

"Xiao Qi, be good!" Liu Tie was decided when he cried at Liu Qi.

"No, dad! I..." Liu Tie was Liu Qi’s father. She might be hostile to Qing You but her love for Liu Tie was pure and unhesitant.

"No one leaves," Yun Jian said, looking at Liu Tie when he and his children were anxious and helpless.

Liu Tie was stunned, glancing at Yun Jian with a start. "But..."

"Qing You, take that out," Yun Jian then shifted her eyes to said girl and told her.

"Yes, Sister Jian." Qing You nodded and retrieved a sealed vial from a small sling bag of hers amidst her family’s confusion.

The sealed vial was tiny, similar to the apparatus used in chemical experiments, but it was sealed, so the liquid inside would not spill.

Following Yun Jian’s intention, Qing You opened the vial coming to Brother Hu’s dead body and emptied the liquid inside on him under her family’s startled gaze.

As everyone looked closely, Brother Hu’s dead body was seen s.u.c.k.e.d dry in a flash and turned into a pool of blood swiftly, not even a piece of bone was left.

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