The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 623 - Take It Down First. Her Sniping

Chapter 623 - Take It Down First. Her Sniping

Yun Jian had a lot of subsidiaries under her name in her previous life. The company she stole from with her hacking skill just when she was reborn had plenty of divisions itself and was managed by her subordinate with the pseudonym Alluring Demon.

Branches of the company managed by Alluring Demon that were not in the headquarters and were scattered around other regions were the subsidiaries.

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Even though they were not the headquarters, the lowest worth among Yun Jian’s subsidiaries was above 100 million US dollars.

"Heh heh, thank you, Sister Jian." Qing You beamed sweetly with a hint of mirth.

Liu Tie, Liu Ziyun, and Liu Qi were dumbstruck.

Liu Tie was just a farmer. If he had more than 10 thousand yuan in cash, he was probably already one of the ric.h.e.s.t men in Luo Village. People in the village were mostly poor as the economy’s development was stunted. Those who were wealthier had gone to bigger cities and the rest who stayed on in Luo Village were the ones who did not manage to leave.

10 million US dollars! Qing You said that what she held just now was worth 10 million US dollars and she had just used it like that!

Relatively, Liu Qi’s reaction was the strongest.

In the beginning, she had treated Qing You like a slave when the latter just came back. Liu Qi made Qing You wash all the clothes at home and basically made her life a living hell. Yet, Qing You did not make even a word of complaint.

Liu Qi, Liu Ziyun, and Liu Tie all knew that Qing You was doing well. She came back wearing branded clothes. It was just that they had never imagined her to be that rich! In addition, they did not expect her friend to be as affluent as well!

She was simply giving Qing You a subsidiary company! That was a company too, even if it was a branch! The young lady was frighteningly abled!

"Dad, why are you guys scared of him?" Qing You turned to ask Liu Tie after the exchange with Yun Jian.

The ’him’ referred to Brother Hu.

Yun Jian watched with her arms crossed in front of her.

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"Sigh," Liu Tie shook his head with a sigh.

"Meimei, you should ask me about it," Liu Ziyun said rubbing his head and continued rather embarrassedly, "Don’t make fun of me. I’m in Xin City’s gang too."

With that, he looked grim. "Brother Hu is a high-ranking member of Xin City’s second biggest mob. If he’s just an executive member, maybe we won’t have to be so scared, but the issue here is that Brother Hu’s younger sister is the wife to the second boss of the gang!"

"This second boss pampered his wife and shared a strong brotherhood with the gang’s big boss as they were birth brothers."

"Brother Hu’s death will cause the big boss of the second largest mob to take action and the gang itself was significant in Xin City. I’m just a nobody and our family is nothing special. We won’t be able to fight the gang at all..."

This was the reason for Liu Tie’s violent reaction after Si Yi killed Brother Hu.

"What do we do!" Liu Qi yelped in fear.

Then, she glared at Yun Jian and Si Yi, shouting at them, "You guys are the ones who caused this. Take responsibility! Don’t involve us!"

"Of course we won’t push the responsibility to you." Yun Jian glanced at Liu Qi.

She was not going to make Liu Tie’s family bear the consequences but what Liu Qi said still rubbed her the wrong way.

"Let’s go," Si Yi spoke suddenly, brief and precise.

"You guys are leaving? What about us! We’ll get killed by the gang! Do you still have your conscience?" Liu Qi was tearing up, thinking that Si Yi was really leaving.

"Take the gang down first if you don’t want to die." Si Yi was holding Yun Zhu’s hand when he uttered the intimidating words with a nonchalant tone.

"What? Eliminate the gang? How’s that possible? Just you guys?" Liu Qi sniped again.

This was the second largest mob in Xin City they were talking about. How could the few of them take it down?

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