The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 624 - We Took It Down, It Must Be A Nuisance

Chapter 624 - We Took It Down, It Must Be A Nuisance

"Heh." The light chuckle came from Si Yi when he heard what Liu Qi said.

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No longer paying her any attention, he headed out with little Yun Zhu. For Yun Jian’s sake, Si Yi had gone to the limit of his benevolence for not killing Liu Qi on the spot. If he stayed there any longer, he felt that he was going to push past his patience and shoot all of them.

He had always been decisive in his ways. He was unlike Liu Qi and her family who were hesitant and apprehensive.

Taking two steps to the door, Si Yi turned around again. He stalked back to Yun Jian in his tall form and tugged her hand with his other free hand before moving out once more.

Qing You went after them at that. "Sister Jian, I’ll go too."

Yun Yi was, of course, following when Qing You was going.

"You guys stay here. Take care of my brother," Yun Jian told Qing You and passed Yun Zhu to her from Si Yi’s hold.

"Mn." Qing You listened devotionally to Yun Jian. When the latter spoke up, she complied at once.

"I... I’ll lead the way." Hesitating for a few seconds, Liu Ziyun voiced out suddenly, to which Yun Jian accepted his offer. "Mm."

The wailing of the police siren could be heard from the entrance of the village just then.

Luo Village was a quiet place, so the contrast of the police siren sounded jarring. The closer it got, the more it drained the colors off Liu Tie and his children’s faces.

"It’s the police! It’s the same sound when there was a gang fight in the village and someone got injured in it the last time. Dad, the police are here!" Liu Qi cried frantically grabbing her father’s hand.

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There was a police station in the town near Luo Village. The people who came with Brother Hu just now came from Luo Village, so it was understandable that they had gone to report it to the police when the shooting happened.

As expected, three police cars turned in from the corner not long after the siren was heard. A few police officers came down each holding a stun baton pointed at Si Yi, Yun Jian, and the rest of them standing there.

"There’s a report that you guys have killed someone. Follow us back to the police station right now!" One of the older looking policeman said stepping forward while the rest of them went around checking Liu Tie’s house and its vicinity but did not find anything unusual.

When Qing You turned Brother Hu’s dead body into a pool of blood just now, they had gotten rid of it and made sure it was not traceable. There was no sign or evidence left at the scene.

"No, I’m not going! I won’t go! We didn’t kill him, it’s him! It’s this person! Catch him!" Liu Qi cried pointing at Si Yi.

The police officers paid Liu Qi no mind as they took everyone there away. Si Yi and Yun Jian made no resistance.

Everyone was brought to the nearest police station to Luo Village, somewhere called Shangjie Town, only to be released two hours later and deemed innocent.

The moment they left the police station, Liu Tie, Liu Ziyun, and Liu Qi were bewildered. Liu Ziyun was filled with disbelief more than anything else. Watching Si Yi who had shot Brother Hu dead just now but came out with them unscathed, he was overwhelmed.

"Why are we bailed out so fast?" Liu Ziyun turned to ask Si Yi skeptically.

The one Si Yi killed was Brother Hu! Yet, they were acquitted?

Si Yi ignored him, keeping his hold on Yun Zhu and Yun Jian, as he stepped away from the police station.

Someone came up to them right as they got out.

Ya Dang who had been waiting at the door for a while flicked his short hair and called Si Yi when he saw him, "Young master, the second gang of Xin City is taken down. It must’ve been a nuisance to be taken to the police station!"

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