The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 625 - Taking The Helicopter Back To Longmen City

Chapter 625 - Taking The Helicopter Back To Longmen City

"Mn." Si Yi nodded slightly as if everything was within his plan.

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In spite of it, what Ya Dang who had made a sudden appearance said startled Liu Tie, Liu Ziyun and, Liu Qi who also left the police station.

The second largest gang held a large significance in Xin City. it was basically a tyrannical presence in Xin City and this large-scale gang was wiped out by this man who called Si Yi "young master"? How—how was it possible?

"Who are you trying to bluff! You took out the second largest mob? We were in the police station for only two hours! And you’ve already vanquished a gang so intimidating? I don’t believe it!" Liu Qi exclaimed bluntly.

"Enough, Xiao Qi!" Seeing that Liu Qi kept making taunting remarks, Liu Ziyun could no longer tolerate it as her brother and growled at her on the spot.

"Ge, you—" Liu Qi remained stubborn.

"Young master, do I need to kill this woman for daring to doubt you?" Ya Dang had always been a curt hot-tempered one. He was not bothered that he was right in front of a police station either when he pulled out the Desert Eagle from his h.i.p.s and pointed the pistol at Liu Qu.

Liu Qi shrieked covering her head again when she saw another real gun.

"No need, let’s go," Yun Jian told Ya Dang.

There was no reason for him not to listen when his young madam spoke. Ya Dang then remembered how Si Yi had warned them not too long ago that what Yun Jian word would be his as well. Furthermore, that everyone from An Hun Group ought to obey it or they would be severely penalized!

"Got it!" Ya Dang agreed and kept his pistol.

Escaping the clutches of death once again, Liu Qi breathed in relief. She nearly died from the shock. No one cared about her reaction, however.

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Si Yi took a glimpse at Ya Dang and asked, "I’ll leave this to you. Take care of things properly."

He meant to say he was leaving? Qing You hurried to ask Yun Jian, "Sister Jian, are you going back to Longmen City?"

"Mn." Yun Jian nodded. Unable to make themselves comfortable in Qing You’s house, it was a matter of course to leave.

"Oh..." Qing You was a little reluctant. Actually, she was just reluctant about Yun Yi leaving. He would have to go too when Si Yi and Yun Jian were leaving, right?

Then, Yun Yi suddenly told Yun Jian, "Xiao Jian, I’ll stay here for some time and only go back to Longmen City after everything’s taken care of. You guys go ahead."

Yun Jian nodded once she heard him. "Mm."

Hence, Yun Yi had a legitimate reason to stay. Ya Dang stayed as well to settle the aftermath of the incident.

Si Yi had killed Brother Hu. The least he could do was to leave after making sure things were mediated, but he had taken Yun Jian and little Yun Zhu to leave directly. Before he left, he tossed the car key to his Lamborghini sports car to Ya Dang so the latter could drive it back.

The reason Ya Dang could rush to Xin City and annihilate the second largest gang within two hours was because he had taken the private helicopter here once he received the news. The initial drive of seven to eight hours was shortened with a helicopter ride.

Meanwhile, Si Yi had directly hijacked Ya Dang’s private chopper that was currently parked at in a spacious plot of land. There was even a designated pilot.

When Si Yi and Yun Jian took little Yun Zhu here, Si Yi carried the boy who was staring at the helicopter in curious amazement up.

"Xiao Zhu, have you been on a helicopter?" Si Yi asked the boy with a smirk.

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