The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 628 - You Can’t Leave, I Forbid It

Chapter 628 - You Can’t Leave, I Forbid It

Yun Jian had her back against Si Yi, same when she entered her room. She was going to face her back against the door when she closed and locked it, not expecting Si Yi to sneak into her room right before her.

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Just as Si Yi entered, he carried Yun Jian to the bed not too far off. He had his arms around her waist as he pinned her down on the bed with Yun Jian’s back facing him.

Despite her earlier sleepiness, being suddenly pinned down surprised Yun Jian was now awake. Simultaneously, her cheeks were colored pink.

The room was lit in white fluorescent lighting while the temperature was slowly rising. Yun Jian could even feel Si Yi who was pressing down on her back breathing heavier.

"Xiao Jian..." The deep buzz of Si Yi’s voice felt like a famished beast that had suddenly found food but dared not tear into it.

Yun Jian was alarmed, distinctly feeling that Si Yi was far more uncontrollable than the last few times today.

"You..." Before Yun Jian could go on, Si Yi had flipped her around and captured her lips urgently. Unlike the gentle kisses in the past, this kiss was heavy and hurried, like a tidal wave that was lapping and stopping Yun Jian’s heart.

As they kissed, Yun Jian’s gaze eventually grew dazed. Enchanted and engrossed in the kiss, she suddenly felt a hint of chill on her c.h.e.s.t.

Somehow, sometime, her jacket and thermal wear were removed. Startled as Yun Jian was, Si Yi’s palm had moved swiftly to her bra. She caught his hand just in time.

Si Yi had obviously lost his rationale thought due to the splayed hair and pliant body in front of him. This was something that had never happened to him before.

Other than the leggings that were still snugly fitted on her, Yun Jian’s upper body was barely saved for her bra. Her supple bosoms were enclosed in the lingerie, taunting Si Yi’s d.e.s.i.r.e as she lay under him.

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Finally pulling away from Si Yi’s kiss, Yun Jian was still unable to move. She gulped a few mouthfuls of air and asked, "What’s gotten into you?"

Si Yi hugged her, curling himself and burying his head under Yun Jian’s chin on her collarbones. "Will your mother be moving to Ge Junjian’s house after she gets married?"

"Mm, yeah. Why?" Yun Jian nodded and replied.

"Are you going with her?" This was what Si Yi wanted to ask.

Ge Junjian and Qin Yirou probably would not take too long to be wedded to each other. How long did Si Yi have to wait to see Yun Jian once if she moved out?

"Of course I’m following if my mom’s moving to Officer Ge’s house. It’s not just me, Xiao Zhu will be going too. Oh, Yun Yi as well. This isn’t my house after all. My mom actually feels quite bad about staying here for so long..." Yun Jian felt more than saw a shadow coming in for her lips before she could finish her words.

It persisted for a long time. Si Yi had only parted when Yun Jian felt like she was struggling for air from the kiss. She did not even understand what he meant.

Qin Yirou was certainly moving away when she got married to Ge Junjian. It was only a matter of course that Yun Jian, Yun Zhu, and Yun Yi moved away together with her.

Yun Jian could not figure out what Si Yi was being mad about.

Just when Si Yi dipped low to capture her lips again, Yun Jian snapped her head away and asked, "What’s wrong with you today?"

"You can’t leave, I forbid it!" Si Yi asserted before extending a hand to turn Yun Jian’s head back and lower himself to kiss her once more.

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