The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 629 - Hitting With The Mouth, Complains Xiao Zhu

Chapter 629 - Hitting With The Mouth, Complains Xiao Zhu

When Si Yi had lost himself deeply in the kiss, the door opened and peeked little Yun Zhu’s head.

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Si Yi did lock the door when he entered but he had only turned the lock halfway since all his attention was on Yun Jian when he locked it, so the door was not securely locked.

Yun Zhu was already falling asleep in his room but he suddenly recalled that there was something he had yet to tell his sister and came to her room to do exactly that.

The door opened and Yun Zhu popped his small head in, all while speaking happily, "Jiejie, jiejie, I forgot to tell you that our school’s having a family sports day next week. Can you and Si Yi-gege come join it..."

Xiao Zhu was already sticking his head in through the open door but before he could finish his words, he was shocked by what he saw... His Si Yi-gege was caging his sister under him.

"Si Yi-gege, how could you hit jiejie?" Yun Zhu stopped whatever he had been talking about and ran in with his short legs.

Yun Jian who heard Yun Zhu’s voice abruptly shoved Si Yi away. The boy was already rushing to the bed by then, crying out, "Sob, Si Yi-gege, don’t hit jiejie. Xiao Zhu will be good. Don’t hit jiejie..."

Yun Zhu’s shrill cry prompted Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian who were downstairs to come up.

Si Yi had gotten up from Yun Jian then, turning to cover Yun Zhu’s eyes, while Yun Jian seized the time to put on the clothing Si Yi had taken off her the fastest she could and sat on the bed guiltily.

As Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian jogged up the stairs noisily.

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"What happened? What’s going on?" Qin Yirou had thrown the TV remote in a fit of fright just now, sprinting upstairs the moment she heard Yun Zhu’s cries.

Ge Junjian was the same, sprinting up the fastest he could and coming to Yun Jian’s bedroom.

Once they got there, Qin Yirou asked, "What happened? Xiao Zhu, what’s the matter?"

They saw Si Yi carrying Yun Zhu when they came to the door while Yun Jian was sitting up straight on the bed like a student who was caught by her teacher for being distracted in class.

Yun Jian told Qin Yirou with a smile when she saw her at the door, "It’s nothing mom. We were playing with Xiao Zhu just now and he cried since he lost."

Yun Jian even turned to chide the boy to make it more believable, "Xiao Zhu, boys can’t cry, okay?"

What else could she do if not to use her brother as a shield?

Little Yun Zhu had no idea about this. He only knew that Si Yi-gege bit his sister just now and his teacher mentioned that biting was hitting, so he spoke honestly, "No, jiejie is lying! Xiao Zhu was sleeping just now but I remembered that I have something to tell jiejie so I came to her room then I saw Si Yi-gege hitting jiejie!"

"A-Yi, you hit Xiao Jian?" Qin Yirou was alarmed.

"Yes! Xiao Zhu saw it! He was hitting hard! I saw Si Yi-gege biting jiejie’s lips. Our teacher said that biting is wrong. It’s worse than hitting someone with your hands!"

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