The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 63 - Contacting Snake.Lizard, Her Capable Assistant

Chapter 63 - Contacting Snake.Lizard, Her Capable Assistant

After Yun Jian was done, she called for Lu Feiyan. Together, the two went back to their class, leaving behind a group of stupefied audience members.

It was obvious that there would be two rumors spreading around the school not too long after.

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The first one would be gossip that had made rounds earlier, the most popular guy in school courting Yun Jian only to be rejected. Yuan Yingjun had confessed to Yun Jian once again, this time in front of everyone but was rejected once more.

The most popular guy being rejected twice by Yun Jian – this would elicit laments from a lot of people.

The second one was Yun Jian’s pole dancing.

For both matters, Yun Jian was the center of attention, but now having gone back to the classroom, the limelight herself had her eyes closed resting her head on her desk.

She was sleeping.

Yun Jian could feel her interest dwindling. She was no longer as excited from everything around her like she had been the first few days.

The students standing by the doors had all gone back to their classrooms to continue with their activities tonight.

Yuan Yingjun who failed to woo Yun Jian returned to his classroom as well. It was still an evening self-study session after all. Before he left, he glanced to where Yun Jian was.

A dark conspiracy was forming in his mind.

Since Yun Jian was so headstrong, then he would...


Wang Rourou’s plan to humiliate Yun Jian backfired and had made the latter shine brighter instead. She was agitated, but there was nothing she could do except to continue emceeing the performances.

As time passed, it had been slightly more than a month since Yun Jian’s rebirth brought her here. The school was about to hold its monthly test soon.

The next week would be the basketball match. Li Xiangyi and the team had begun to train harder for the competition and needed Yun Jian’s guidance occasionally.

Of course, Yun Jian did not refuse them.

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After a leisurely month, she knew that she must not go on like this.

She had yet to avenge her younger brother’s death in her previous life. How could she live in such relaxation?

On this night, Yun Jian logged on to the website that she used to contact her subordinates and connected to Gu Sha Mercenaries. It was not Tiger.Leopard whom she went to this time, but another manager of the mercenary with the moniker Snake.Lizard.

She gave Snake.Lizard a long address and a simple order. "Come as soon as you can."

The address was her current residency but she did not specify Xinjiang Town.

Yun Jian had asked Snake.Lizard to wait for her in a posh hotel in Longmen City.

Among the Gu Sha Mercenaries, Yun Jian had the highest hopes for Snake.Lizard. The latter was her most capable assistant in her previous life.

The organization that had killed her younger brother must be extraordinary. Yun Jian knew that she had to devise a comprehensive plan and the only person she trusted now was Snake.Lizard. That was why she had asked her to come alone.

Snake.Lizard was just a moniker, however, her actual personality was like her moniker. She was a venomous woman, being a poisons expert.

Right after the message was sent, there was a reply ten minutes later. "I’ll come over immediately after I’m done with my current task."

The reason Yun Jian in her past life could top the secret agent ranking and even secure her position as the chief of the world’s premier Gu Sha Mercenaries, was due to the many capable talents around her.

Nonetheless, in order to lead her underlings, she was an outstanding talent herself!

"Xiao Jian, why is your room still lit? Aren’t you sleeping yet? It’s nearly ten now, you still have school tomorrow." Qin Yirou’s gentle reminder came from outside of the door.

Qin Yirou had always slept earlier than Yun Jian. After waking up to go to the toilet and realizing that the girl’s room was still brightly lit, so she had come to remind her.

"I’m about to sleep," Yun Jian replied.

She then shut her laptop and hid it, before getting off her bed barefooted to turn the lights off.

Her laptop was bought without Qin Yirou’s knowledge. Of course, she must not let the woman find out about it.

The night slipped past peacefully.

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