The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 630 - Little Yun Zhu. Do What You Should

Chapter 630 - Little Yun Zhu. Do What You Should

Yun Zhu’s firm accusation made Qin Yirou freeze in shock.

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Yun Jian felt like palming her forehead with a sigh.

The boy did not even know that he had said something wrong and complained more, "Mama Qin, Si Yi-gege is bad!"

As he spoke, he struggled away from Si Yi and went to Yun Jian, grabbing her hand with his small ones and looking at her with his dusty cheeks. "Jiejie, does it hurt? Si Yi-gege is so mean! I’ll hit him for you!"

The boy then ran to Si Yi and made a soft slap on the latter’s sleeve before running back to Yun Jian and told her, "Heh heh, jiejie, Xiao Zhu hit Si Yi-gege once. It won’t hurt anymore, jeijie!"

There was a wide sunny grin from him.

Qin Yirou who stood at the door was dumbstruck. She had just recovered from the happy fog of Yun Jian agreeing to her marrying Ge Junjian only to hear something like this. A-Yi... and Xiao Jian... How could this be?

Qin Yirou stared in shock, unable to snap out of her trance for a long moment. Ge Junjian who stood next to her knew about Si Yi and Yun Jian, and could only sigh with a palm on his forehead.

Why was Xiao Zhu so apt in causing troubles? He had basically just outed them.

Perhaps little Yun Zhu thought that he did not make it sound serious enough, so he added naively. "Why aren’t you saying anything, jiejie? Is it because I didn’t hurt Si Yi-gege? But our teacher said that biting is bad. Si Yi-gege bit you but I can’t bite him. Our teacher said that those who bite people are bad kids and they should be thwacked on their bums."

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Yun Zhu’s guileless comment just made it more awkward for Yun Jian.

Caught by Qin Yirou, it was not like Yun Jian could do anything within such a short moment of notice. She had learned how to kill someone and how to do so within one blow, she had learned medical skills, and even knew hacking, but she was never taught how to handle a situation like this.

"Cough! Xiao Zhu, come on out. I’ll take you back to sleep." Ge Junjian knew that it would only get worse if the atmosphere remained this tense; Qin Yirou would only overthink it more especially if the boy said more.

With such considerations, Ge Junjian extracted Yun Zhu from the room first.

"Why? Uncle Ge, I’m not leaving. If I go away, what should we do if Si Yi-gege is mean to jiejie again?" Little Yun Zhu pouted wearing a frown, grimacing harder than everyone. It was like Si Yi actually bullied Yun Jian.

"Your Mama Qin is here. Si Yi-gege won’t do anything to your sister." Feeling words stuck in his throat, Ge Junjian told the boy waving him over.

"But..." Yun Zhu turned his chubby pink cheeks to Yun Jian. Upon seeing that she looked fine, he nodded and went to Ge Junjian. "Alright."

When he got to the older man, Yun Zhu could not help telling Qin Yirou, "Mama Qin, don’t let Si Yi-gege bully jiejie. It’ll hurt her. Xiao Zhu is going to bed."

He rubbed his eyes as he spoke and got picked up by Ge Junjian.

"I’m taking him to bed first. You..." Ge Junjian did not know what to say either. It was after a pause that he ultimately told Qin Yirou, "Do... what you should, mm..."

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