The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 632 - It Wasn’t Forced, It Was Consented

Chapter 632 - It Wasn’t Forced, It Was Consented

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Qin Yirou thought that her Xiao Jian was coerced into it, that it was against her will, so all the more she was rushed with the impulse to flee with her daughter when she looked at Si Yi.

"Mom..." Yun Jian was surprised by Qin Yirou’s emotional state. To Yun Jian, the latter had always been amicable. She was not expecting Qin Yirou to go to this extent for her.

While Qin Yirou tugged Yun Jian, who did not get to explain herself, up the stairs to the second floor to pack their bags so they could leave despite it being night time. Si Yi, who was standing on the first floor, took a long stride and came to the staircase in two steps. With a large bony palm on the railing of the staircase, he took a light step on the floor and hopped right to the fifth step of the staircase in the next instant, just nice to stop Qin Yirou who was jogging upstairs.

"Aunty," Si Yi called out softly.

Although Qin Yirou was obviously fuming, she did not have it in her to lash out at Si Yi. The boy had been kind to Yun Zhu, Yun Jian, and their family. Furthermore, they had spent such a long time together. People had feelings. To Qin Yirou, she treated Si Yi like her own.

She also knew that Si Yi lost his mother since he was a small boy and was said to come from a wealthy family. Qin Yirou did not know much but from what she heard from Dong Ruan, Si Yi’s father had never treated him like his own child. All this while, Qing Yirou genuinely looked after Si Yi like her own son.

Qin Yirou had pulled Yun Jian away just now without listening to what Si Yi had to say because she was at the heights of her anger. Even though she felt calmer now and planned to listen to what the boy had to say, she turned her head away.

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"Aunty, my feelings for Xiao Jian are sincere. If what I say now is anything but true, you can kill me right now." Si Yi’s declaration was shocking. As he spoke, he had even pulled out the silver pistol he had tucked at his h.i.p.s to push it to Qin Yirou.

When Si Yi spoke, his deep eyes shone with sincerity. That placated Qin Yirou.

"A-Yi, it’s not that I don’t agree with you both being together. You claim that you’re sincere to Xiao Jian but what about Xiao Jian’s feelings for you? How could you force her..." Qin Yirou replied with a frown.

This was the reason she fumed. It was not like she disliked Si Yi or disagreed with the romance. She had totally misunderstood it, thinking that Yun Jian was pressured by Si Yi and that the latter had made her do a lot of things they should not be doing.

Qin Yirou thought that Si Yi had already gotten handsy with her daughter long before she found out. This enraged her. After all, how could a mother be pleased with seeing a scene like that?

Nonetheless, Qin Yirou would be looking at things differently if Yun Jian had been willing. She was not opposed to being in love at a young age.

"Force?" Si Yi frowned. He had already passed the pistol in his grip to Qin Yirou’s hand silently while Qin Yirou was not even aware of why Si Yi would have a gun on him.

"Mom, he didn’t force me. I consented..." Knowing that the misunderstanding would only deepen if she did not explain it, Yun Jian spoke up.

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