The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 636 - Family Sports Day And School Reopening

Chapter 636 - Family Sports Day And School Reopening

When Yun Jian and Si Yi went home from their run, Yun Jian was sweating profusely but she was not panting. It was normal to sweat. Yet Si Yi was obviously in a much better form compared to Yun Jian, as there was nothing except the two droplets of sweat on his forehead.

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It was time for breakfast by the time they made it home. Ge Junjian who had gone to the military was back here at the dining table too.

There were a few bowls of congee on the table, one for each person except Yun Yi. There was a small side dish of pickles beside each bowl of congee too.

Famished, Yun Jian went over to the dining table with Si Yi.

"Xiao Zhu, are you done? Time for breakfast." Qin Yirou called out toward the bathroom.

Little Yun Zhu was quick to respond, "Mama Qin, I’m coming!" With that, the boy who had washed himself clean skipped out from the bathroom.

"Jiejie, Si Yi-gege!" he cried in delight at the sight of Yun Jian and Si Yi.

Children would not consciously remember certain things—Yun Zhu had forgotten all about what happened yesterday. No longer remembering about Si Yi "hitting" Yun Jian, the boy scampered to Si Yi.

It would be petty of Si Yi to hold a grudge against little Yun Zhu for the incident yesterday. The boy had spoken the truth, being completely unaware of it. In addition, it resulted in Si Yi fulfilling his wish as they had gotten Qin Yirou’s blessing. After that, he did not have to be discreet with Yun Jian from then on.

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He could boldly claim his girl now.

Si Yi patted Yun Zhu’s short hair fondly. The boy then skipped back to his seat and picked up his small bowl of congee to blow at it before emptying the pickles on the side into the bowl, mixing them and gulping it down.

"Xiao Zhu’s school is reopening the day after tomorrow. They weren’t able to organize the family sports day last semester due to the weather, so the school has informed us that the family sports day will be held once they reopen. Xiao Jian, you’re only going back to school the next day after that event and I’d already be back to work. Since you’re at home, you and A-Yi can join Xiao Zhu’s family sports day on behalf of me," Qin Yirou told both the youngsters after taking a spoonful of her congee.

Little Yun Zhu had personally told Yun Jian and Si Yi about it yesterday. He had been sleeping in his room when he suddenly remembered it and rushed to Si Yi’s room only to find it empty. It was only then that he went to Yun Jian’s room and saw Si Yi "hitting" his sister. Then, he had completely forgotten about his purpose from the fright.

"Family sports day?" Yun Jian narrowed her eyes and arched a brow to ask Qin Yirou as she scooped herself a spoonful of congee.

"Yeah, a sports day for parents and children. It’s just a leisure activity for parents to compete against each other and kids against themselves," Qin Yirou replied with a nod.

The schools had obviously put in effort for the children’s health nowadays. Activities like the family sports day were organized just so children and their parents could bond.

"Jiejie, let’s go, let’s go..." Yun Zhu acted cute at Yun Jian.

"Sure." Yun Jian beamed with her eyes and nodded.

It earned an excited shriek from little Yun Zhu before he turned to look at Si Yi in thrill. "Si Yi-gege has to go too..." He peered up at the latter with the same pleading doe eyes.

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