The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 637 - Chocolates! Before The Match

Chapter 637 - Chocolates! Before The Match

"Have your jiejie go with you. I need to head out tomorrow and can only be back in about a week." Si Yi was reluctant to reject Yun Zhu but he had things he needed to tend to.

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As expected, little Yun Zhu hung his head and nodded disappointedly. "Oh..."

"I’ll bring you the chocolates from last time when I come back." Si Yi smiled. His smile was enigmatic. It was hard not to like a gorgeous face like his.

"The chocolates from overseas? The ones that are soft like water? Yes! I like those the most! Si Yi-gege’s the best!" Yun Zhu snapped out of his sullenness at once. He had totally forgotten about Si Yi "hitting" Yun Jian yesterday as well.

Yun Jian could only smile from her seat.

Little Yun Zhu disliked the local chocolates. Country Z’s chocolates were usually hard, while overseas there was a velvety type of chocolate coated in silky chocolate mousse. It was just right in sweetness and one would not get tired of having it

Si Yi had brought some for Yun Zhu the last time he came back from An Hun Group and the boy had not been able to forget about the taste since then. When he heard that his Si Yi-gege was bringing him more of those chocolates, he was elated—even more than the young man joining his sports day.

He was getting gifts of food!


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Time flew by and Lunar New Year celebrations came to an end. The new year thus began.

Students were returning to school from their long breaks while Yun Zhu’s first day of school was one day earlier than Yun Jian’s—due to the family sports day that failed to be held last year.

To celebrate the new year, the school organized the family sports day right at the beginning of the year so the children and their parents could bond and make memories together.

Si Yi had already gone back to An Hun Group.

Yun Jian woke up early in the morning for Yun Zhu’s school reopening day. She was still in her cotton track suit with a high ponytail, looking every part the energetic young girl she was.

It was a Monday, a new week, and there were plenty of parked vehicles in front of Wuning Yi Elementary School. Most were bicycles, there were some motorcycles too, while cars were fewer. During this era, those who owned a car would usually drive into the school to flaunt their wealth.

Yun Jian took Yun Zhu to Wuning Yi Elementary School by foot. They did not even take the bus as Yun Jian wanted some exercise for the boy. There was basically no one among the elementary school students who walked to school, so Yun Jian was an exception.

In addition, she was not dressed fashionably. It was the family sports day today but who else, except Yun Jian, would actually attend it dressed in actual sports attire? All the female parents and guardians were dolled up while the males were dressed neatly. They had most probably picked their best clothes to wear.

When a school like Wuning Yi Elementary School hosted an event and invited its parents, most of them put in the effort to look lavish. Yun Jian was the only one wearing an unbranded tracksuit as she held Yun Zhu’s hand and took him to his class.

At the door of Class (1), little Yun Zhu ran in once he got to the classroom, leaving Yun Jian to stand by the door and peer in through the window at the corridor. There were already parents who filled up the corridor, all donned in pretty clothing. Since Yun Jian appeared, people who pointed fingers and whispered comments about her increased as well.

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