The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 638 - Being Jealous And Being Ungrateful

Chapter 638 - Being Jealous And Being Ungrateful

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The parents who were dressed to the nines favored huddling together and commenting to others, which Yun Jian did not mind. There was someone who truly paid attention to her whereabouts, however...

Yun Zhu had a classmate named Wang Ba, the boy who accused Yun Zhu of stealing his sweets and asked his mother to seek justice from Yun Jian. Their homeroom teacher, Miss Lu, took Wang Ba’s side and reprimanded Yun Zhu too. The matter was only resolved after they checked the surveillance recording.

After that, Wang Ba’s mother made her husband, Wang Wugui, flaunt their wealth in front of Yun Jian and she was only quelled when Si Yi and Zhang Zhifan, who was currently managing New Cruise for Yun Jian, appeared.

Wang Ba’s mother came as well for the family sports day but Wang Wugui was unable to make it since work had begun in his company.

Yun Jian’s appearance muted Wang Ba’s mother who was standing at the corner and showing off to parents she knew. She was rather intimidated by her presence. Back when Yun Jian flicked her butterfly knife, it had already scared the woman witless. Remembering Yun Jian’s identity as New Cruise’s director, Wang Ba’s mother had gulped for the umpteenth time now.

"Wang Ba’s mommy, what’s wrong? Is something else over there?" A fulltime housewife like Wang Ba’s mother, a woman in her thirties to forties but was dressed in a flashy dress like a twenty-something young girl waved her hand in front of the stunned woman.

"Huh? No-nothing!" Wang Ba’s mother snapped out of her stare at Yun Jian and shuddered.

Yun Jian was New Cruise’s director and she was here! The director of New Cruise was here to attend the family sports day!

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Wang Ba’s mother had been chided by her husband—she must not offend Yun Jian if she met her in the future. She was already beginning to feel fear creeping up to her.

"Wang Ba’s mommy, are you looking at the young lady over there just now? Tsk... I wonder whose parent she is. How’s she okay with attending the family sports day dressed so shabbily!" the woman in the flashy dress glanced toward Yun Jian and snickered.

She then looked back at Wang Ba’s mother and asked nonchalantly, "Don’t you think so, Wang Ba’s mommy?"

What the woman said ran chills down Wang Ba’s mother’s back. Please, did she just say that New Cruise’s director was dressed shabbily?

If she had not known about Yun Jian’s status, Wang Ba’s mother would probably have chorused the flashy-dress woman’s sentiment but now, she dared not utter a word.

"Uh, I need to use the restroom, excuse me." Wang Ba’s mother found an excuse and hurried to the washroom, avoiding the topic just in time.

"Goodness... Ungrateful woman, you think you’re all that great?" The woman in the garish dress sneered toward where Wang Ba’s mother left, though the latter had already gone away.

The woman in the garish dress was Ding Yin, mother of a girl in Yun Zhu’s class. She was a fulltime housewife like Wang Ba’s mother. Yun Jian’s slim figure—tall and charming even from the back—stirred up Ding Yin’s jealousy when she saw her because she had gone completely out of shape after giving birth.

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