The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 639 - Yun Zhu’s Deskmate. You’re So Pretty

Chapter 639 - Yun Zhu’s Deskmate. You’re So Pretty

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It was inevitable that a mother like Ding Yin who was all dressed up chatted easily with the other parents. Even without Wang Ba’s mother, she found herself new acquaintances and was engaged in similar topics in no time.

Yun Jian was currently standing by the window of Yun Zhu’s classroom and watching the boy listen to his homeroom teacher, Miss Lu, in a proper sitting position.

A new year of school had just begun, so it was only understandable that the homeroom teacher had a lot to say. This also meant that the parents there had to wait for a bit.

It was already 8 am when Yun Jian took Yun Zhu to class. It was 8:30 am right now.

The teacher took half an hour on the classroom rostrum to speak about matters of attention for the school reopening, including the submission of winter break workbooks. Little Yun Zhu had been good during the holiday and had completed his homework, so he was confident when the teacher collected their workbooks.

After that, the teacher droned on with more school reopening pleasantries before announcing the official start of the family sports day.

Yun Zhu as well as the rest of his class cheered ecstatically once they heard her. "Yay" and "oh yes" filled the entire building instantly.

Wuning Yi Elementary School was a school that prioritized their students’ health and the relationship between their students and the parents. They often organized activities like the family sports day.

"Parents who are at the door, please enter the classroom. I’ll explain the rules of the sports day," Miss Lu opened the front door of the classroom and told the parents at the corridor.

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The a.d.u.l.ts poured into the classroom as told and stood by their children respectively. Once they did, the classroom swiftly erupted with noise. Miss Lu rapped the rostrum and raised her voice, "Quiet! Quiet down and listen to me!"

Just as she said that, she saw a familiar person.

Yun Jian entered the classroom and headed straight to Yun Zhu’s seat, standing near the rostrum.

When she saw Yun Jian, Miss Lu could not help but be reminded of how she had misunderstood Yun Zhu and took Wang Ba’s side to rebuke the boy. She had even gone to Yun Zhu’s elder sister, Yun Jian, later to speak badly of the boy. When the misunderstanding was unraveled, it was actually Wang Ba who bullied Yun Zhu. This was also when Yun Jian flicked the butterfly knife in front of her. Once she thought of these, Miss Lu could not help the shudder that ran through her.

She was here now!

"Jiejie!" Yun Zhu shouted in glee when he saw Yun Jian enter the classroom. With his hands overlapping each other and placed neatly on the desk, he then went back to listen to his teacher.

"Heh heh, you’re Yun Zhu’s sister? Nice to meet you, jiejie, you’re so pretty!" A doll-like little girl who sat beside Yun Zhu greeted with a grin and praised Yun Jian when she saw her.

"Thank you, you’re very pretty too." Yun Jian nodded in reply.

"Jiejie, I’m Yun Zhu’s deskmate. I’m Duan Li, everyone calls me Chessie. You can call me Chessie too. Nice to meet you!" The little girl who called herself Duan Li introduced herself to Yun Jian politely. She then poked Yun Zhu’s arm and went closer to whisper, "Wow, your sister’s so pretty!"

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