The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 640 - Unsophisticated People Are Alarming

Chapter 640: Unsophisticated People Are Alarming

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Little Yun Zhu turned to Duan Li and preened happily, “Of course!”

No one else talked after that as Miss Lu had begun to speak at the rostrum.

“We’ll start the match at 9 am sharp. The parents from our class are mostly all here. If your parents are unable to make it, stay around our class’s designated area and don’t run around, “Miss Lu started to say.

After a pause, she continued to explain, “Only first and second graders are participating in this sports day. There’s a total of 10 classes and the overall achievements of first and second grade will be released through a ranking system. The ranking for this family sports day will be according to scores accumulated by the classes.”

“We’ll also select three students and their parents with the highest score among the 10 classes of Grade 1 and 2, crowning them first, second, and third, and award the kids with certificates. Of course, it’ll be a bit more difficult to win since there are second graders and 10 classes in general, so it’s alright as long as everyone does their best!”

Miss Lu then went on to elaborate about the competition events and rules.

The family sports day at Wuning Yi Elementary School was not arranged for the whole school. The older students from Grade 3 and above would have their own sports meet. As the elementary school had relatively advanced equipment, it was slightly dangerous for younger children like the first and second graders to compete in the sports day without the company of their parents.

With that concern in mind, the school held a family sports day so both parents and children could participate in the school event together.

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To be honest, both parents and students were unable to focus on most of what Miss Lu had talked about at the rostrum. When it was 9 am and the song for the sports day was broadcasted, the teacher immediately clapped her hands to gesture the children to queue up at the door. Parents would follow the line to the school field.

There was a short distance from Wuning Yi Elementary School’s classrooms to the field but they could go around several buildings from there, so it was still considerably close.

The elementary school had a large field that seemed borderless but it was actually just a standard 400m track field.

Most of the schools during this decade had no specific rubberized running tracks. Instead, they were raw cobbled paths.

As for the lane markings, they were protruding cement lines but one would not fall when they stepped on them. These were only so that the ones running could see where the lanes of the field began and ended. Nonetheless, the running tracks were accurately 400m as they had been measured by the ones building the tracks back then.

Miss Lu led the kids to one side of the field where they would not be in the way of the running tracks and asked them to sit down.

Being a true grassy field, it was a little damp as there was a drizzle in the morning. Some parents pulled their kids back when they saw them moving to sit on the grass. To the adults, the field was dirty. In addition to the shower in the morning, the ground was damp and muddy. It was not drenched but it would still soil their clothes. When that happened, they would look lesser than others.

In spite of it, Yun Jian went over and dropped herself beside Yun Zhu.

“Tsk, she actually sat down. Isn’t she scared of dirtying her clothes? She must be from the countryside. Unsophisticated people are really alarming!” Ding Yin who had been watching Yun Jian from afar shook her head and gossiped about the girl to those around her.

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