The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 643 - Ya Dang And Lan Su Are Both Here

Chapter 643: Ya Dang And Lan Su Are Both Here

The young girl, Ding Yin’s daughter, was named Tian Fei. Tian Fei was like Ding Yin—a snob since a young age.

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In Class (1) of first grade, which was Yun Zhu’s class, Wang Ba was the only one whose family was doing relatively better. Tian Fei had been taught by Ding Yin from a young age to only play with rich kids in class or she would not have pretty clothes and braids to wear next time.

Daunted, Tian Fei listened to her mother and had always only played with rich high-achievers in class.

Wang Ba was a bragger, so Tian Fei was good friends with him for a long time. Before Wang Ba snatched Yun Zhu’s sweets, Tian Fei had already been bullying Yun Zhu for Wang Ba through various methods.

When Wang Ba snatched Yun Zhu’s candies later and caused Miss Lu to complain to Yun Jian as well as Wang Ba’s mother rebuking Yun Zhu in front of Yun Jian, they found out the truth through the surveillance recording that it was Wang Ba who lied.

After Yun Jian’s threat, Wang Ba realized that his mother ceased helping him, not that he knew what a director of New Cruise was. Children this age were not concerned with a lot of things—they only knew that they were bullied.

Hence, Wang Ba ganged up with a bunch of kids and mocked Yun Zhu whenever he felt like it. Tian Fei was one of those on Wang Ba’s side to bully Yun Zhu.

Nonetheless, Yun Zhu was not a pushover. When the taunting went on, he easily turned a deaf ear on them.

Now, however, Tian Fei had come over to directly sneer at Yun Zhu in front of Yun Jian. The well-dressed little girl was rubbing salt into her baby brother’s wound by saying something so blatantly mean. Yun Jian moved to put Yun Zhu and Duan Li behind her and looked at Tian Fei coldly to tell her one word, “Scram!”

She did not want to speak to her more. It’s true that ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’.

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Yun Jian had never been someone to kick up a fuss about something but she could not watch others bully her younger brother. Yun Zhu was her biological baby brother whom she had found after so much effort. He meant the world to her and there was no way she would let anyone take advantage of him.

“You! You shameless woman! Humph, you bullied Wang Ba! He told me! Just you wait, me and mommy will win later and you’ll be crying and begging us!” Tian Fei was intimidated by Yun Jian but she was bold. She had come over this time purely to threaten Yun Jian.

With what she said, however, she ran back to her mother in fright. Yun Jian thought it was farcical.

“Jiejie, don’t be angry. Just think of them like they don’t exist!” little Yun Zhu said with a tug on Yun Jian’s clothes.

“I’m not angry,” Yun Jian replied as she felt her mood brightening when she saw Yun Zhu.

While Yun Zhu let Yun Jian pat his head, he suddenly pointed at the entrance of the field and exclaimed, “Jiejie, isn’t that Ya Dang-gege?”

Yun Jian turned to see Ya Dang who was clad in a cool black top and denim pants walking over to them as he spotted them as well. She was surprised.

Making his way to Yun Jian quietly, Ya Dang then told her softly, “Young madam, young master’s asked me to come and follow your order since he can’t be here.”

Si Yi could not attend the event personally, so he had asked Ya Dang over to see if the latter could be of help.

When Ding Yin watched the handsome Ya Dang move to Yun Jian and was curious why the latter knew someone who looked rather affluent, another girl rushed in from the entrance. She was dressed demurely with a head of long flowy hair.

It was Lan Su. Lan Su ran her way to Yun Jian but without a pant, she went up to her and greeted. “I’m here, Yun Jian.” As she spoke, she went around Ya Dang without batting an eye.

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