The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 644 - A Different Match. Definitely Yours

Chapter 644: A Different Match. Definitely Yours

Lan Su went past Ya Dang to stand before Yun Jian.

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Tall as she was, half a head taller than Yun Jian, Lan Su stood around 170cm and was dressed in black from head to toe, looking indescribably charismatic.

Lan Su’s beauty was different from Yun Jian’s. Her tall height was tinged with an iciness while Yun Jian was delicate and refined. If one must scrutinize and compare, however, Yun Jian seemed to be a notch prettier.

As Lan Su stood in front of Ya Dang, she was in the way of Ya Dang’s sight on Yun Jian. Ya Dang was 180cm, not exactly short among men, but Lan Su had coincidentally blocked his field of vision due to her taller stature.

Ya Dang who stood behind Lan Su wondered where the woman came, from but he only had to follow what Yun Jian said.

Yun Jian explained to Lan Su that she was here to join the family sports day and she was to join the match with Yun Zhu while Yun Jian herself would go with Duan Li. She did not expect Si Yi to send Ya Dang here.

“Young madam, let me join Xiao Zhu’s sports meet in place of her,” Ya Dang stepped out to tell Yun Jian. The “her” he was referring to was none other than Lan Su.

Ya Dang and Mo Sen had stayed for a duration in Longmen City. They were here when Si Yi came back, so both of them knew Yun Zhu as well. When Yun Zhu had no school, it was Ya Dang and Mo Sen who played with him. It was hard to imagine but it was the reality.

“Yeah! Let Ya Dang-gege go with me since Si Yi-gege can’t join!” Little Yun Zhu was not as familiar with Lan Su, so he preferred Ya Dang.

Yun Jian thought that the suggestion was fine. Lan Su was from Yulong Mainland after all and she must not have participated in something like this before. Everything in this world was new to the girl. For Ya Dang to join the competition with Yun Zhu, it would be more appropriate too as they were both males.

“Yes, Chessie, both of us get to join the sports day now!” Yun Zhu turned to tell Duan Li in delight.

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“Mn, thank you, Yun Zhu!” Duan Li was equally elated.

Miss Lu who was gathering her class some distance away shouted again, “Parents, please line up here with your children. Our first event is about to start!” She hollered.

Lan Su stayed put and told Yun Jian, “I’ll wait for you guys here, Yun Jian.”

“Mm.” With a nod, Yun Jian took Yun Zhu and Duan Li who were both buzzing with excitement toward Miss Lu. Ya Dang tilted to steal a glance at Lan Su before trailing after Yun Jian.

The first event was a challenge of physical strength and endurance—running, but it was a different type of match for the family sports day.

Contestants would usually run straight away but the rule for this first event was for parents to run carrying their children.

There were five classes in the first grade, including Yun Zhu’s class, but there were not many parents altogether. The majority of the parents were absent due to work and it was quite a special case when most of the parents in Yun Zhu’s class had made it.

The first event was basically for the parents to sprint 400 meters to the finishing line carrying their children once the whistle was blown. The parents of all five classes in first grade would run together and be ranked accordingly.

When the first graders’ parents stood at the starting line carrying their children, they were more or less nervous. They had graduated for years and it had been a long time since they worked out as they did during their schooldays.

The only pairs who were unperturbed were Yun Jian who carried Duan Li and Ya Dang who carried Yun Zhu.

“Ding Yin, I remember you coming in third in the last marathon. You’re definitely emerging first in this match!” A rich housewife fawned over Ding Yin some distance away.

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