The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 646 - An Easy Win. Ding Yin’s Indignation

Chapter 646: An Easy Win. Ding Yin’s Indignation

“Mommy, they ran past us! Run faster! Faster!” Tian Fei, Ding Yin’s daughter, took umbrage at the fact that Yun Jian had surpassed them and began struggling in her mother’s arms.

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Ding Yin herself was piqued as well, so she ran with all her might even if Tian Fei had not said a thing. However, the more she ran, the harder it felt as her legs felt heavier.

Before Ding Yin was able to react, another shadow ran past her.

Carrying Yun Zhu, Ya Dang ran casually at the beginning with ease in his stride, but he began chasing Yun Jian after they went past Ding Yin—not that he dared to actually run past her. Ya Dang merely kept his pace so he stayed behind the girl. Granted, he would be doomed if the word that he surpassed his young madam went to his young master!

Moreover, Ya Dang did not think that he could actually cut Yun Jian as the latter was running rather fast.

The morning sun was bright and radiant as it poured down, but the 400 meter race track felt like it belonged specifically to Yun Jian and Ya Dang.

Ding Yin was finding it more strenuous as she ran and gradually lost speed. Although she went to the gym all year long, there was a limit to her physical strength. She was in better shape than some male parents but it was impossible to compare herself to Yun Jian and Ya Dang.

When Tian Fei saw Ya Dang who was carrying Yun Zhu ran past them, her bratty nature erupted.

She had everything she wanted ever since she was born. There was not a thing that Tian Fei did not get to have. Plus, mingling with Wang Ba for an extended period of time meant that their characters bled into each other. When she saw Ya Dang who carried Yun Zhu catching up to Yun Jian easily, she threw a tantrum.

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Despite being carried in Ding Yin’s arms, Tian Fei flailed and wailed, “No, no no no! I want first place! I want to be first! I don’t want Yun Zhu to overtake me, I don’t want! Mommy, go faster! Faster!”

As she cried, she clawed at Ding Yin’s clothes with her sharp nails.

Having boasted from the start, Ding Yin’s feelings were already complicated when she was cut by Yun Jian and Ya Dang. With Tian Fei kicking up a fuss in her arms, her mood turned sour instantly.

“Tian Fei! Stop it right now! Stop fussing!” Ding Yin shouted at the girl there and then.

Tian Fei who was frightened from being shouted at threw a bigger tantrum. She was spoiled and obstinate, hitting and grabbing her mother to have her wish fulfilled regardless of Ding Yin’s capability.

Ding Yin had still been running but Tian Fei’s fit frustrated her and she was already worn out. She went slower and slower, ultimately surpassed by several male parents with their children.

Yun Jian and Ya Dang were already charging toward the finishing line with Duan Li and Yun Zhu respectively. If one looked closer, Yun Jian and Ya Dang did not even break a sweat.

Duan Li and Yun Zhu were elated. Holding hands and skipping in circles, they cheered saying “We won!”. Yun Jian merely wore a small smile at their antics.

As for Ding Yin, she was already placed later than 20th by the time she ran to the finishing line with her fussing daughter. Her earlier boasting before to the parents was mercilessly crushed as plenty of the parents snickered at her in corners.

Not knowing why Yun Jian could run so fast, Ding Yin assumed that it was because of her young age. She repressed her indignation with the excuse that Yun Jian must have run a lot in school since she was so young, thus running so swiftly.

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