The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 648 - Hula Hooping—The Opportunity

Chapter 648: Hula Hooping—The Opportunity

Tian Fei shrieked once Yun Zhu shoved her to the ground. Strong-willed as she was, she did not cry but kept screeching. Yet, no one cared. Some of the teachers refrained from going to them while some turned a blind eye to Tian Fei’s wail—as long as the child was not crying.

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The reason these teachers thought twice about going to Tian Fei was because they had seen how the girl howled and fussed in her mother’s arms, even hitting her, when she did not come in first in the race. To the teachers, students like those were nightmares. Had they gone to help someone like Tian Fei, they might get hit even when they reasoned with them.

Yun Zhu snorted at Tian Fei who was on the ground and went to hold Duan Li’s hand so they could stay in line.

To be honest, little Yun Zhu was pretty good. Back when the stout Wang Ba wanted sweets from him and snatched them when Yun Zhu refused to give them, Yun Zhu had knocked the fat boy down the floor with one shove. He was actually quite the strong boy.

Seeing that Yun Zhu left after pushing her, Tian Fei stopped wailing as well. She picked herself up and went to queue up quietly.


Yun Jian and Ya Dang came to the location for the third event.

The events for the family sports day that Wuning Yi Elementary School had set up were interesting. The first was a running race to be completed by both parents and children, the second was a frog jump race among the children, while the third was a hula hooping contest specifically for the parents.

The school meant to entertain the parents alongside the children’s competition. Moreover, the family sports day was held for both parents and children. It should be fun and enjoyable for both parties.

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As Yun Jian and Ya Dang arrived at the third event’s venue, they realized that the third match was hula hooping.

The corners of Yun Jian’s lips twitched. Of the multitude of things she had learned in her past life, she had never twirled a hula hoop... Although she knew how a hula hoop was used, she had never played with one before.

For her to put Gu Sha Mercenaries aside and twirl a hula hoop here, Snake.Lizard and others might drop their jaws from guffawing if they found out.

“Uh... young madam, uh... can I have her to replace me and twirl this?” Ya Dang asked Yun Jian, pointing at himself when he saw the row of hula hoops prepared. He did not know Lan Su’s name and could only refer to her as “her”.

“No!” Yun Jian rejected his request right away with a side-eye.

Have Lan Su twirl a hula hoop? She came from Yulong Continent! She probably did not even know what a hula hoop was, forget twirling it.

Ya Dang gulped. He could only listen to Yun Jian. His young master’s instruction was clear in his head—he ought to obey everything his young madam said and if he dared defy her, the cruelest punishment of An Hun Group would be waiting for him when he went back.

Yun Jian and Ya Dang picked up a hula hoop each. Their unfamiliarity with the hoop was coincidentally witnessed by Ding Yin who was farther away. She could see from a glance that it was most probably their first time playing it.

Since the competition had yet to start, she came over and taunted the two of them, “Ah, ah, ah, is this your first time twirling a hula hoop? That’s too bad. Lucky for you, I know how to use one and I’m very good at it. Do you want me to teach you?”

She finally caught a chance to embarrass Yun Jian!

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