The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 649 - There’s A Sniper, Leave!

Chapter 649: There’s A Sniper, Leave!

When Ding Yin spoke, Ya Dang had fumbled to pass the hula hoop through his head and down to hold it around his hips. The scene was just odd. Ya Dang, one of the four commanders of An Hun Group who could intimidate a large group of tycoons and politicians, and be given their submission just by his presence. Yet now he was here twirling a hula hoop. If the word got out, people might actually laugh until they dropped.

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“We’re not close. No need.” Yun Jian glared at Ding Yin, well aware of her purpose. It was just to embarrass her.

Ding Yin had paid attention to her for a long time. If Yun Jian could not even sense Ding Yin’s open staring, her years as a secret agent would have gone down the drain.

Hearing what she said, Ding Yi scoffed at Yun Jian in her mind but she kept her smile plastered.

“Don’t be like that. Our kids are classmates. I’m here to help out of kindness since you guys don’t know how to play this. You should twirl it like this.” As she spoke, Ding Yin wore the hula hoop through her head and grabbed it with one hand around her waist. Then, she grabbed the hoop with both hands before letting them go and swiveled her hips following the hula hoop.

“Like this, just go along it and twirl. Try it out,” Ding Yin said with a patronizing tone as she side-eyed Yun Jian.

The woman was not the slimmest out there and she had especially gone out of shape in recent years due to childbirth. To those who were watching her, they snickered at her hula hooping. After all, the contest had yet to begin and she was the only one hula hooping.

Yun Jian thought that it was mildly amusing but she said nothing about it.

“Parents, our event’s starting soon. Please get yourselves ready!” the teacher announced.

The match was starting. All the parents from Yun Zhu’s class were prepared. Due to the limited hula hoops, the competition was carried out in batches with parents from the same class in one batch. The result, of course, depended on which individual twirled the most times.

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After Ding Yin was done showing off, she returned to her place to get ready for the match.

Yun Jian held the hula hoop with one hand and stayed still on her spot in anticipation of the start of the contest after the teachers confirmed the parents’ number tags. It was then she grabbed the hula hoop and planned to it put through herself headfirst like Ya Dang did.

Just as she raised the hoop and had yet to put her head through the circle, she caught a soft hiss from a distance away. What a familiar sound... Yun Jian narrowed her eyes while Ya Dang who was getting ready with his hoop sensed the anomaly at the same time.

The parents around them were still acting as usual, tending to whatever they had been doing.

As for Yun Jian, shortly after she heard the muted hiss, she raised the hula hoop in her hand and tossed it up in the air. It was as if she was using it as a shield. She twisted the hoop in an exaggerated movement but it was controlled as it did not hit others around her.

“Ah!” Ding Yin who stood left to Yun Jian screeched when the latter threw the hoop up the air.

Her reflex was rather quick as she berated Yun Jian right after she screamed, “Why are you throwing the hula hoop up for nothing? Are you trying to give others a heart attack!”

Forgetting to maintain her grace, Ding Yin’s actual demeanor attracted the attention of the parents around them. Right after she spoke, however, there was a hiss and a bullet that was hit and stopped by the hula hoop that fell in front of Yun Jian.

A lot of the parents saw it, so did Ding Yin. Then, pin-drop silence took over the atmosphere as everyone’s heart sank.

They heard Yun Jian speaking, “There’s a sniper. Leave right now!”

A sniper was targeting her!

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