The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 65 - Truculent And Absurd. Patriarchy-Biased

Chapter 65 - Truculent And Absurd. Patriarchy-Biased

While everyone was caught off guard, Yun Jian had already come to Qin Yirou’s side.

She recalled impressions of grandmother Lu Lanhua from the original owner’s memory. She was truculent and absurd, mostly unreasonable.

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In the past, Qin Yirou had frequently been at the receiving end of her anger.

Qin Yirou’s character disallowed her from challenging her elders, so she had always been bullied.

"You – did you ask me to die? Great, you don’t even care that I’m your grandma now! Unfilial girl! What has this world come to be!" Lu Lanhua was the first to react. She looked choked as she pointed at Yun Jian and spat in spite.

Lu Lanhua was an old biased woman who valued sons over daughters.

If it had been Yun Yi who stood here today speaking like this to her, she would never retort with the same tone that she just did.

It was unfortunate that Yun Jian was a girl. Thus, she was a sore thumb in Lu Lanhua’s eyes.

That was the difference between being a granddaughter and a grandson!

"Didn’t you say it yourself? My mom wants to divorce Yun Gang and you won’t agree unless you’re dead?" Yun Jian narrowed her eyes, her long eyelashes batted.

The rest of the family was jolted.

Lu Lanhua had indeed said so just now, but all of them knew that she was just rambling out of rage to threaten Qin Yirou. How could she actually dare to kill herself?

Yun Jian took her words seriously, however, as she looked at her so-called grandmother coldly and enunciated each of her words clearly, "Since you don’t agree, you can die. My mom won’t be living the rest of her life with Yun Gang. The divorce is imminent!"

Yun Jian had directly addressed Yun Gang by his name. It was evident that she truly did not see him as her father anymore.

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A father like him was not a father at all!

"Whether your mother divorces or not isn’t up to a petulant kid like you to interfere!" Lu Lanhua panted harshly as she was infuriated.

Finally, she gritted her teeth before shouting at both Yun Jian and Qin Yirou, "Fine! Divorce! But the two of you must leave the house with nothing! You’re not allowed to leave with any single item in this house! And Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi has to come with us!"

To Lu Lanhua, this house and her grandson, Yun Yi, were the most crucial assets.

In other words, if the family’s money-making machine, Qin Yirou, could not be retained, she could get lost with Yun Jian. – However, Yun Yi was her grandson and he must stay!

Yun Jian chuckled with a demeaning smirk.

If she had remembered correctly, it was all with Qin Yirou’s hard-earned money that the house could be renovated into two stories. The blood, sweat, and tears that Qin Yirou had put in for this home throughout the years could never be summarized by a word or two.

Now that Lu Lanhua wanted them to leave with nothing, it was just flagrant bullying!

Yun Jian was about to counter when Qin Yirou spoke for herself this time.

"Ma! This is the last time I call you Ma because you’re a mother too. You know how a mother feels!" Qin Yirou breathed in and wiped away her tears to continue saying, "I’m fine with not taking anything in this house but Xiao Yi must leave with me!"

"No way!" Lu Lanhua growled right after Qin Yirou finished.

That was her grandson!

Lu Lanhua had only two sons, Yun Zheng and Yun Gang.

Her eldest son, Yun Zheng, only had a daughter, Yun Xiaoya; while her youngest son, Yun Gang, had a son!

She only had one grandson. How could she let her grandson leave with Qin Yirou?

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