The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 650 - A Gun! Ding Yin Was Shocked Frozen

Chapter 650: A Gun! Ding Yin Was Shocked Frozen

Yun Jian was reborn, but she was frequently in contact with her organization from her last life, and had even stepped up to annihilate Inferno Ring. Perhaps her current identity had already roused the attention of many.

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She had not expected to be ambushed by a sniper here as this was a public space, but she entertained the possibility of certain assassins or secret agents purposely making an ambush in a public space to avoid being suspected.

Squinting, Yun Jian reacted the swiftest.

When they heard that there was a sniper, a lot of the parents who stood farther away were still caught in shock. Even the parents who were closer to Yun Jian, Ding Yin, included, were still astounded.

A sniper? That was a type of profession far off from their everyday life. To most of the common people, assassins, secret agents, mercenaries, and special forces were unreachable figures to them. Relatively, perhaps, special forces were more realistic to encounter in their life.

Therefore, the majority of the parents and teachers watched the scene in befuddlement when Yun Jian spoke. It was until she raised her voice again that they snapped out of the daze. “Leave! Hide somewhere obscure if you don’t want to die!”

The word “die” sent everyone’s internal siren blaring.

“Ah!” People began to scream. Some of the parents with faster reflexes sprinted for their children and grabbed them to hide before they could confirm if the situation was actually real.

Ding Yin, whose reaction was slower was left frozen on the spot, so shocked that she could not even lift her legs as they felt like jelly.

“What’s going on? What’s happening?” Some teachers who were running the family sports day rushed toward them righteously without any sense of incoming danger.

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“People are getting killed! There’s a gun! And a bullet!” A parent who ran past the teachers hurriedly shouted.

The teachers blanched the moment they heard the parent. As they looked straight ahead, they saw Yun Jian standing and holding a bullet.

Rumors were a menace. Truth could be twisted into lies and false news could be told as reality.

Whether it was real or not, the parents and teachers were flabbergasted. Some of them ran right away, uncaring about the current scene. The majority of the parents were rushing toward where their children were—they could care less about everything else but their children were their lives!

Ding Yin who had been fervent was terrified into slumping on the ground without a sliver of energy to move. Yun Jian took a glimpse at her and resolutely ignored her. She was no threat to Yun Jian. Yun Jian’s target right now was not civilians like Ding Yin.

She knew that the sniper was here to ambush her and the distance between them was far enough that she was unable to take precise aim with a pistol.

The sniper faraway would not stop shooting her and Yun Jian thought that if someone wanted her dead, they would not send only one sniper for the job.

“Ya Dang, pistol.” Yun Jian stretched her hand out toward Ya Dang at the back right in front of Ding Yin.

It was currently 1:30pm with the strong afternoon sun shining on Yun Jian but the winter sun was not heated.

“Here.” Ya Dang retrieved a nondescript Browning pistol from his belt to pass it to Yun Jian respectfully.

Watching Yun Jian who now held a pistol in her hand, Ding Yin felt like her heart was about to leap out from her throat. A pistol! Goodness! It was a genuine gun! This young girl had a gun! She was breaking the law and committing a crime!

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