The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 651 - Yun Zhu In Danger. Escaping In Chaos

Chapter 651: Yun Zhu In Danger. Escaping In Chaos

Right after Yun Jian took the pistol, hisses of the rifle came again from a distance; the majority of the people could not hear it.

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Bullets came like a series of grenades as they strafed where Yun Jian was.

Fortunately, the surrounding parents had already left the scene, even Ding Yin had feebly crawled to a bush in the flower bed on the side. Ding Yin was rather swift as she crawled and dragged herself, she managed to hide herself in the bushes. When she had concealed herself and turned back, she was just in time to see Yun Jian pouncing to the ground.

Yun Jian moved her body to the side lithely, easily avoiding the bullets like a martial artist in a movie. Her eyes were narrowed into a squint with flaming murderous intent.

As Ding Yin witnessed Yun Jian rolling and steering herself clear from the sniper, she hugged her head in terror, nearly scaring herself witless. Yun Jian was so skilled! She was actually so masterly! Ding Yin felt stunned.

Ya Dang avoided the strafe with a tilt of the body as well. The target was Yun Jian, so Ya Dang was only a bystander. Ya Dang’s movement when he evaded the bullets was minimal as there was no sniper aiming for him.

Just when he was about to help Yun Jian, the girl felt something was wrong immediately, shouting for Ya Dang, “Ya Dang, go look for my brother right now!”

Yun Jian had not thought more about it when she decided to attend the family sports day organized by Yun Zhu’s school.

When the first event ended, the second and third events were carried out simultaneously, separating the students and parents.

Yun Jian had a sudden sense of premonition. She could not attend to her baby brother right now. Other than a small portion of Inferno Ring’s remaining forces who had beef with her. There was still the mysterious person Job mentioned.

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Although the Inferno Ring was wiped out and Job was killed, the mastermind of the Inferno Ring was not Job, but a mysterious person according to said man. Yun Jian had no way of knowing who the mysterious person was but Metal King Kong under Job was still out and about.

Since Inferno Ring had caught Yun Zhu in her past life, they must have known about her relationship with him. This was what Yun Jian was the most worried about currently.

These snipers knew that they would not be able to kill her. Was their target actually Yun Zhu? Just the thought of it froze Yun Jian’s heart. She would never allow Yun Zhu to be captured from her once again! Never!

“Got it!” Ya Dang answered and sprinted away to where the boy would be.

The school was chaotic. Some parents were terrified and ran into classrooms, canteen, and various places in anticipation of help while most of them grabbed their children and stayed hidden in the flower beds quietly.

The snipers were not shooting any parent or child in the school but they had still roused a massive bout of panic.

After Yun Jian evaded the continuous rake of bullets, she bolted to where little Yun Zhu would be while the snipers reloaded their rifles.

Ding Yin crawled out from the flower bed’s bush when she decided that it was safe. Shakily, she hid behind people as she chased after Yun Jian. Her daughter, Tian Fei, was together with Yun Zhu, that was why she had to go after Yun Jian.

Yun Jian had caught up just after Ya Dang came to where Yun Zhu and Duan Li would do the frog jump race.

“Jiejie! Yun Zhu’s over there! A man caught him! Go save him quickly!” Duan Li ran to them right as Yun Jian got there. The little girl was trembling but she forced her fear down to tell Yun Jian the situation clearly.

Snapping her gaze, Yun Jian looked toward the gate. A man in black with a black mask was planning to escape amidst the chaos carrying the unconscious Yun Zhu.

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