The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 652 - Don’t Deserve To Live

Chapter 652: Don’t Deserve To Live

Indeed, these people were targeting her younger brother!

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Yun Jian was surging with rage. She knew that possibilities were grim like their past life if little Yun Zhu was abducted by these people again.

The state of her baby brother’s death flashed in her head once more. Infuriated, Yun Jian sprinted toward the gate where the man in black clothes and mask who was carrying Yun Zhu was before Duan Li finished.

Ding Yin easily found Tian Fei who was scared witless hiding in a corner once she came over. Pulling her daughter into her arms, she then hid in the corner and watched Yun Jian dashed for the man who kidnapped Yun Zhu.

The girl looked almost illusory under the afternoon sun. Her long hair that fluttered gave off a gentle sense of beauty—not that people were paying attention to this.

While Yun Jian ran, she slipped the Browning pistol Ya Dang had given her into the pocket of her loose tracksuit pants. The pocket was saggy but she was able to tuck the gun in without her looking down. She then fished out a butterfly knife she carried everywhere with her from her top pocket.

Afraid that the shooting would accidentally hurt Yun Zhu, Yun Jian forwent the firearm directly. She flicked the knife open and perched it between her teeth, so her arms remained unhindered as she bolted for her target.

Yun Jian had just bought the butterfly knife. It was not the one she had used during Inferno Ring’s destruction. The one that she had picked from the military had long since been thrown away because that knife was already stained with the blood of Inferno Ring’s members.

Usually, Yun Jian would switch into a new blade after killing someone with the butterfly knife because she thought that the weapon drenched in others’ blood was dirty. She did not have to be worried about this one she was biting being unhygienic as it was a new one.

With the butterfly knife held between her teeth, she ran with her arms swinging, allowing her speed to be several times faster than running whilst holding a weapon.

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Those who stood farther away, Ding Yin, Tian Fei, Wang Ba’s mother, and those who stood their ground, Duan Li, Ya Dang, and lastly Lan Su who rushed over, had all witnessed Yun Jian’s high speed sprinting. This was probably the fastest she had ever ran in her whole life.

As Yun Jian sprinted, her eyes were glowing red with a murderous intent, even the man who carried Yun Zhu sensed it without looking back.

“Isn’t she afraid of swallowing the knife when she bites it? What is she doing?!” Those who were hiding looked at Yun Jian like they were watching a drama unrelated to them after they made sure they were hidden from view.

A series of muted shots could be heard from the rifles, causing the hiding crowd to clamp up their mouth instantly, too scared to make another sound.

In spite of it, they also realized that the bullets were aimed at Yun Jian!

With a squint, Yun Jian rolled forward twice before springing up and pursued the man with the butterfly knife still between her teeth.

The rifle strafe was endless. The parents who were hiding and spectating could see that the snipers were after Yun Jian, while the girl’s practiced movements to avoid the bullets stunned all of them. After all, no one dared contest speed against a bullet!

Yet, Yun Jian did it! Not only did she dare do it, but she was also pursuing someone while being shot at!

“Heh heh, Yun Zhu got captured by the evil uncle! Serves him right! Best if he dies!” A loud girly voice rang from a distance; Yun Jian was running but she could hear it clearly.

It was Tian Fei. That was not all. As Yun Jian chased after Yun Zhu, Tian Fei’s intentionally raised voice came again, at the man who was abducting Yun Zhu, “Evil uncle, don’t send Yun Zhu back after you catch him! Beat a fatherless kid like him to death! My mommy says that people like this don’t deserve to live!”

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