The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 654 - Yun Jian Punishes Scums—Making A Mark

Chapter 654: Yun Jian Punishes Scums—Making A Mark

The man who captured little unconscious Yun Zhu was apparently skilled. From his movement, he was more like a high-level assassin than those small-time hitmen.

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As a high-level assassin was about the level of an Advanced Special Forces soldier, the former could kill 50 regular people alone! The ASF here did not refer to people like Chu Ning, Chu Xiangnan, and others who earned their title because of Yun Jian but those who were truly capable. Nonetheless, the youngsters mentioned would become worthy ASF one day.

Usually, it was not an exaggeration for an official ASF member who had gone through absolutely brutal training to beat 50 common people.

Yet, a presence like this was killed on the spot from Yun Jian’s singular stab to the temple!

Complicated questions aside, just the fact that Yun Jian had killed someone was already petrifying to those in the school. Imagining watching someone kill another person was nothing as crushing and overwhelming as seeing it in real life. This happened right before them and the killer was the sister of their children’s classmate!

It was simply mind-blowing!

After Yun Jian killed the man, she caught little Yun Zhu from his shoulder before the man collapsed. The boy was still unconscious as the man had knocked him out.

Yun Jian forgot about her butterfly knife after she caught hold of Yun Zhu and darted some distance away.

Shortly after Lan Su stopped Ya Dang from helping Yun Jian, both Lan Su and Ya Dang vanished from where they had been.

No one there knew where they had gone to but no one would want to find out why either.

Yun Jian slipped into a flower bed where the snipers could not aim accurately at and checked Yun Zhu thoroughly, realizing that he was only knocked out. It was not serious nor would it affect his head.

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While Yun Jian brought Yun Zhu into taking cover in the flower bed, the crowd erupted into chaos.

“Ah! Ahh! Sh-she k-kil-ki-killed... someone!” someone cried and shouted in terror before the female parents screamed and put everyone else in disorder. After all, most of the parents there were female. Their spouses had already gone to work, so events like the family sports day were mostly participated by the women.

When they saw a gory scene like this, these female parents shuddered in horror, shaking like a leaf.

Yun Jian put Yun Zhu down by the flower bed.

“Jiejie! How’s Yun Zhu? Is he okay?” Duan Li came dashing to them when she was doing that.

Yun Jian frowned. She did not see Lan Su and Ya Dang but it came without saying that they must have gone to take care of the snipers, so she did not stop Duan Li from coming to her.

“Chessie, look after Xiao Zhu for me.” Yun Jian gently shifted Yun Zhu’s head to Duan Li’s lap.

“Mn!” The girl gave a fervent nod.

It was then Yun Jian left the flower bed and went over to the dead man to pull out her butterfly knife from his temple right in front of the quivering parents who were watching her go to Ding Yin and Tian Fei.

The mother and daughter who witnessed the sight were already shaking as they fell to their feet on the ground. Now that Yun Jian was coming toward them, they were drowning in fear.

Flash! Yun Jian flicked the butterfly knife abruptly.

“Ah!” Both Ding Yin and Tian Fei screeched at once. When their eyes fluttered open again in fright, they saw the bloodied butterfly knife stabbed deep right in front of them!

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