The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 656 - An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth

Chapter 656: An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth

Officer Wu was a policeman from Wuning Yi Elementary School’s nearby police station. Perhaps, he was considered high-ranking in his particular station, but his status was insignificant in Longmen City.

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Since he had an important position in his station, Officer Wu was usually boastful there. Once he met his superior, however, he would quiver and turn meek.

Yun Jian’s Team Monarch had only recently begun to spread its name.

As someone in the same field of work, Officer Wu had caught wind of the team’s competence since they were now becoming a household name.

From the start, Team Monarch had completed the mission that even Advanced Special Forces thought was difficult. The second time, they retrieved the antique an international thief had stolen within the shortest time possible! Both missions had set the status of Team Monarch and elevated them to Advanced Special Forces swiftly.

When they were still candidates for ASF, they had accomplished two significant missions in mere months. That prompted their superior to promote them to ASF directly! It was an honor some people could not achieve despite decades of hard work.

It was said that Team Monarch owed its honor in becoming ASF to their member, Slashing God.

Furthermore, the globally known assassin organization that was just ranked after An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries, Inferno Ring, was annihilated in an operation led by Team Monarch’s Slashing God.

No one knew how Slashing God from Team Monarch got to know people from An Hun or Gu Sha but everyone was dumbstruck when the rumor got around! Not a single person was not flabbergasted!

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After all, rumor also had it that Slashing God of Team Monarch was only a teenage girl!

Never would Officer Wu imagine that Team Monarch’s Slashing God, who was the talk of his station, Longmen City, Zhe Province, Country Z to even the world, was here right in front of him!


With a thwack, the identification pass in Officer Wu’s hand fell to the ground as he looked up at Yun Jian.

It was not just the fact of Yun Jian being Slashing God that had made rounds in their field of work and even among the international police—Yun Jian’s status as a soldier under Ge Junjian was enough to overwhelm Officer Wu.

Yun Jian wore a faint smile at the policeman’s reaction before she bent down to pick up her ID and patted the dirt away. “You’ve dirtied my ID pass.”

When Officer Wu heard Yun Jian’s voice, he felt his heart lurch. He parted his lips to say something but realized that he was unable to speak up.

Ding Yin had reached her limit. Carrying Tian Fei who was wailing, she shouted at Officer Wu again, “You guys are the police! What Team Monarch? Slashing God? How could you cover for her when you’re the police? She killed someone! Whoever breaks the law is punishable, be it royalty or commoner. Even high-ranking officials can’t escape it. She killed someone, why can’t she be shot to death!”

Ding Yin had long resented Yun Jian, especially with how she treated her daughter just now. She was even feeling like killing her now.

Yun Jian shifted her gaze to the woman when she heard what she said. It ran a shiver down Ding Yin’s back but she braced herself to shout at her, “What are you looking at? An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth!”

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