The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 657 - Evidence To Clear Her Name

Chapter 657: Evidence To Clear Her Name

Officer Wu was rushed with the impulse to choke Ding Yin. Suppressing the thought, he nodded at Yun Jian and told her, “Uh... Ma’-ma’am, can you explain the situation, please?”

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The policeman was at least three times older than Yun Jian, but he was currently addressing her with an honorific like she was an elder.

The police officers around them as well as the parents hiding in the flower beds were dumbfounded. Everyone was witness to Officer Wu’s commanding superiority when he came in—how long did it last, though? It had just been Yun Jian passing her ID to Officer Wu and the latter became this polite to her?

It... it did not make sense! It was not just Officer Wu’s colleagues who were surprised. The parents and teachers who dared not step out from their hiding yet were enjoying themselves with the drama were astounded too.

Yun Jian pressed her lips together with a squint, her face that was a work of art immediately attracting everyone’s attention.

She knew that she would be fine if she did not explain the case but her younger brother was still schooling in Wuning Yi Elementary School. He still had to face the rest of his school faculty. Yun Jian did not mind being forced to a corner but she was not going to let Yun Zhu’s future get destroyed because of her.

“The dead man’s an assassin. Everyone here saw what happened just now. There were snipers ambushing me and even attempted to cause a riot.” Yun Jian’s explanation was brief and simple.

An assassin? The man just now was an assassin?

All the parents including Ding Yin and Officer Wu as well as his colleagues felt their heart stutter at Yun Jian’s words. The fear that came was a reflex.

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“On wha-what ground are you calling him an assassin? Hah, what if he’s just a human trafficker? Did you think you’re a piece of gold? Could he capture your brother to blackmail you? Pft, who do you think you are? Did they have to threaten you and for what? You’re just trying to excuse yourself from the crime!” Ding Yin was relentless. In fact, she wanted Yun Jian dead right now.

“Uh... Can you show us evidence that the victim’s an assassin, please, ma’am? Otherwise, it’ll be tricky for us to do our job...” Caught in a dilemma, Officer Wu told Yun Jian.

Although Yun Jian was a member of the Advanced Special Forces, she had killed someone in public. If there was no explanation provided to those around, the matter could not possibly be wrapped up. After all, no one had the right to kill anyone openly; Yun Jian was no exception even when she was an ASF soldier.

Nonetheless, if Yun Jian did kill an assassin, she would not be captured and it would be a merit to her instead according to her status.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes. She knew that Officer Wu was caught in between. Lifting her leg, she went for the dead man while the police followed.

“Ask your men to reveal the back of his hand,” Yun Jian told Officer Wu pointing at the dead body.

She was 90% sure that she could prove this man to be from the Inferno Ring. The organization was uprooted with its remaining forces wiped out but she did not think that there was nothing left of it. Furthermore, Metal King Kong was still out and about. Inferno Ring’s tactic of abducting her younger brother in their past life remained the same too.

Officer Wu waved and instantly, a policeman stepped forth to tug the corpse’s hand. There was an eye-catching golden rose on the back of the man’s hand/

“This... This is?” Officer Wu pointed at the hand and turned to ask Yun Jian.

“The unique mark to Inferno Ring’s members. He’s a killer from Inferno Ring,” Yun Jian replied faintly. She had already guessed it.

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