The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 658 - The Irreproducible Golden Rose

Chapter 658: The Irreproducible Golden Rose

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“The golden rose on the back of their hand, which symbolizes members of the Inferno Ring, can’t be reproduced by outsiders. If you don’t believe it, go find out from the authorities. I’m sure you’ll receive the result swiftly,” Yun Jian told Officer Wu, arms crossed as she stood on the spot.

It was no secret that the back of the hands of an Inferno Ring member was marked with a golden rose. Anyone from a related field of work would know about it, thus Yun Jian was able to talk about it freely.

Due to his sense of inferiority against Yun Jian, Officer Wu turned to his subordinate and ordered, “Go investigate it right now and verify if the information is accurate!”

It could not be helped. Even if Officer Wu wanted to cover for Yun Jian, the fact that Yun Jian had killed someone openly had to be handled with caution.

“My apologies, you’ll have to wait for a moment, ma’am.” Officer Wu told Yun Jian deferentially after speaking to his subordinate.

People from Inferno Ring were actually here and openly taking revenge on Yun Jian! In this case, the rumor about Yun Jian leading teams to wipe the organization out must be true. Officer Wu shuddered and gulped. Could he not feel timid when Slashing God who annihilated Inferno Ring was here? One must know what an organization Inferno Ring was—it was a world-renowned group of assassins! And Yun Jian took them all out!

“What are you waiting for? So what if the man’s an assassin? She killed a man. This is the reality! A normal girl like her could kill someone now, what would become of her in the future?”

“You police should capture her right away and handcuff her! She’s a murderer! What if she escapes?” Ding Yin gritted her teeth when she noted that Officer Wu was biased to Yun Jian. As she spoke, she waved a finger at Yun Jian like she was eager for the girl to be held in custody and interrogated right there and then.

“Shut up! I’ll catch you first if you keep rambling!” As a policeman, Officer Wu had his own judgment. When Ding Yin repeatedly ordered him—a police officer—around, and she was not even his superior but a regular parent, Officer Wu could not help growling at her.

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“You...” Ding Yin was a prideful rich housewife whether she was at home or outside. She had never been barked at like this, so she shrunk in fright instantly.

“Are you still a police? Isn’t the job of the police to serve the people? She killed someone right in front of her, you should catch her! Take her back to the police station and beat her up, see if she’ll admit to her crime! Why are you guys still talking on and on here!” Ding Yin continued snapping condescendingly at Officer Wu in a self-righteous tone.

However, everyone who heard her was ruffled.

“You... You’re one incorrigible woman!” Officer Wu pointed at the woman and shouted, expressing the thoughts of those around them.

Who in the modern days would capture someone and coerce a confession out of them without understanding the situation? This was an ancient punishment!

Officer Wu was filled with disgust toward Ding Yin immediately.

“Officer, we’ve gotten the result!” Officer Wu’s subordinate came back to report to him after clamping his walkie-talkie.

“Mm, what is it?” asked Officer Wu.

“International assassin organization, Inferno Ring’s logo is indeed a golden rose. It’s unique and is irreproducible!” the policeman answered.

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