The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 66 - A Slap. Yun Zhong Spoke

Chapter 66 - A Slap. Yun Zhong Spoke

With how things had developed, Qin Yirou was genuinely disheartened.

She could give in to Lu Lanhua so long as the custody of her children was not the issue. Once she thought about Lu Lanhua wanting to take her son away, Qin Yirou was furious despite her mild temper.

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She was a mother. She could leave all her hard-earned money behind, but never her children.

"This house can go to you, I won’t fight for it, but Xiao Yi and Xiao Jian are both my children. I’ll leave with them!"

Somehow, Yun Jian had been holding Qin Yirou’s hand. This gave her courage despite her being on the edge of despair. For the first time, she countered Lu Lanhua with deep rage.

No matter how meek she was, she still had a temper.

Qin Yirou really could not take it anymore.

Her husband left her nothing but debt and troubles from his affair. Now that she wanted a divorce, she had a ridiculous mother-in-law who forbade it.

She could still hold out, only until the woman wanted her child too. How could she put up with this?

"Good, good. Rebelling now, are you..."

This was Qin Yirou’s first time defying Lu Lanhua. The latter was dumbstruck for several seconds before she could react. Extending her hand while she cussed at her, she wanted to give Qin Yirou a slap.

Before her palm landed on Qin Yirou’s cheek, a dainty hand caught Lu Lanhua’s old and wrinkled palm.


Yun Jian had instead given Lu Lanhua a slap first.

The surrounding was quiet. The slap was resounding.

It stunned everyone in the house.

Lu Lanhua was still an elder no matter how unreasonable she was. No one there had ever thought that Yun Jian would just slap her like that.

A granddaughter slapping her grandmother?

As everyone watched in surprise, Yun Jian chuckled eerily. "Try and hit my mom! I promise that you’ll come out of here on a stretcher!"

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One must not say that Yun Jian was being disrespectful or that she had stepped over the line.

Yun Jian admitted that she was no benevolent person.

She was protective over her own kind and she was very selfless.

She would never yield to anyone who bullied her mother! – Her so-called grandmother included.

Lu Lanhua who just received a hard slap held her cheek and stared at Yun Jian in disbelief.

Yun Jian had always been meek and timid. Even when she had said something brazen just now, everyone had still thought that she had only the courage to talk back, but nothing more.

Nevertheless, what had she done just now?

The cowardly granddaughter had just slapped her?

Lu Lanhua was not a good-tempered person. She was, after all, infamous in town for being shrewish.

She was best at arguing and being outrageously obstinate.

Slapped by her granddaughter today, it was now impossible for her to relent.

"Great! Snappy now, aren’t you? How dare you hit your actual grandma? Have you really taken me as an old lady – think that I’m so old, I can’t beat you up anymore huh? We’re not done today if I don’t teach you a lesson on behalf of your unmannerly mother!" Lu Lanhua rolled her sleeves up as she spat and walked toward Yun Jian huffing in rage.

"Mom, calm down. Don’t get angry. We can talk this through..." Yun Zheng quickly pulled Lu Lanhua’s arm to stop her.


Yun Jian wore a smirk when she heard what Lu Lanhua said. Could she actually be afraid of her?

"Enough!" Grandfather Yun Zhong who had been quietly standing on the side landed a harsh slap on the table and bellowed.

It silenced Lu Lanhua at once.

It seemed that Old Sir Yun was still reverent, to Lu Lanhua, at least.

Plagued by the family plight, Yun Zhong looked like he had aged a decade momentously. He sighed at Qin Yirou as if he had withered from making a significant decision, "Aih, divorce. Get a divorce. Take both children with you. This is what the Yun family owes you!" - he exhaled a loud sigh.

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