The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 660 - Why So Relentless. Wouldn’t Be Selling

Chapter 660: Why So Relentless. Wouldn’t Be Selling

Advance Special Forces? Their job?

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The parents hiding among the flower beds were bamboozled.

Most of them had heard of the Advance Special Forces. Even if they had not, no one there was ignorant enough to not know what Special Forces was.

The Advance Special Forces was a branch of the Special Forces! The latter was usually found in the military and each of its members was strictly proficient. When an ordinary Special Forces soldier was already so strong, what was more when there was ‘Advance’ added in front of the title?

Everyone was stunned.

“What? Advance... Special Forces?” Ding Yin’s hands that were holding Tian Fei went slack, nearly dropping her daughter onto the ground when she heard it.

She remembered that a friend of her husband was a Special Forces soldier. That military man had boasted so much to her husband back then and her husband was rather envious, claiming that he would laugh in his dream if he did get to become one.

The Special Forces soldier friend did not just brag to Ding Yin’s husband, he bragged to Ding Yin as well. He had even blustered about Advance Special Forces and said that he knew them.

That was when Ding Yin knew about the ASF, a troop that was umpteenth times more skilled than the Special Forces. Even her husband’s friend, the one who was a Special Forces member, was proud that he knew people from ASF.

It spoke of how intimidating the identity of Advance Special Forces was!

Coming back to the present, Officer Wu claimed that Yun Jian was an ASF soldier right before everyone. Even if he was lying or making things up, he would never tell such a lie in public. It was nothing to joke or lie about!

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That would mean that Yun Jian was really... from Advance Special Forces?

“So can I leave now?” Yun Jian narrowed her eyes with a slight raise of her brow. She did not want to disclose her identity but it was an emergency, she had killed someone from Inferno Ring.

Yun Zhu still had to go to school in Wuning Yi Elementary School. If she kept her military status a secret, these parents would automatically assume her to be a killer. Even when Officer Wu knew that she was not, these parents would still warn their children to stay away from little Yun Zhu because his elder sister was a psycho murderer.

Yun Jian did not want Yun Zhu to bear such a burden. She wanted him to grow up happily.

Once she divulged that she was an ASF member, the parents here would not see her as a murderer. This was the difference between a commoner who killed someone who should be killed and an ASF soldier killing the same person.

If an ASF soldier killed an assassin, everyone there would only deem Yun Jian competent and impressive, that she was serving the people. If she were only an ordinary citizen, it would raise an issue—how could a regular person like her kill someone! People would most probably call her abnormal.

“Mm, yes, you can! Go on!” Officer Wu nodded fervently.

Yun Jian gave back a nod and went for Yun Zhu without glancing at Ding Yin and her daughter, while Officer Wu ignored the woman as well, leading his team to clean up the scene.

Ding Yin stood frozen on the spot.

“Oh my goodness, you fool!” When Wang Ba’s mother saw that it was becoming safe and the police had certainly taken care of the snipers, she could not help tugging Wang Ba along and jogging up to Ding Yin who was still shell-shocked to chide.

“What?” Frustrated as she was, Ding Yin asked perfunctorily.

“That’s the director of New Cruise. Why were you so relentless with her! I offended her last time and New Cruise wouldn’t be selling its cars to my family anymore!” Wang Ba’s mother told Ding Yin regretfully.

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