The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 661 - Killing The Snipers And Asking For Credit

Chapter 661: Killing The Snipers And Asking For Credit

Wang Ba’s mother was truly regretting it. She should not have provoked and offended Yun Jian. Despite that, it would never cross her mind that the girl was actually the director of New Cruise!

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In fact, Wang Ba’s mother was remorseful once she was at loggerheads with Yun Jian. After all, it was Wang Ba who snatched Yun Zhu’s candies first. Just because of something petty like this, New Cruise was not selling them cars anymore! The regret that Wang Ba’s mother felt was nothing someone else could empathize with.

Furthermore, there were a lot of imported cars now as well as limited edition sports cars. Wang Ba’s mother could go to other car dealerships for normal cars but what about those limited edition sports cars? They could not afford them but they could at least go to New Cruise and see what they looked like if she had not offended Yun Jian.

Now that she did, they could not even go into New Cruise!

Wang Ba’s mother felt deeply about it, powerless, so she spoke to Ding Yin with experience. It was too late, however.

Ding Yin was initially unfazed by what Wang Ba’s mother said but as the latter spoke, her eyes widened as she shouted at the same time, “What!”

She was New Cruise’s director! No one in Longmen City did not know about the company New Cruise! All of them knew about the company’s director! It was New Cruise that organized the largest automobile exhibition in Country Z and made a name for themselves just as they entered the market! It was a household name in the nation now!

That sort of company was owned by Yun Jian...

Wh-wh-what! Ding Yin’s grip loosened from surprise as she nearly fainted.

Tian Fei who was being carried in Ding Yin’s arms was dropped to the ground directly due to her mother’s sudden loss of strength.

“Ah!” the girl cried in pain.

She was only a child and the fall would put her in pain for at least a few days even if it was the lightest tumble.

Of course, this was Ding Yin’s fault, having nothing to do with Yun Jian.

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Just as Yun Jian went back to the flower bed that Yun Zhu and Duan Li were hiding in, she saw the boy waking up rubbing his eyes.

Duan Li had been watching over the unconscious Yun Zhu and had only begun to talk to him after he gained consciousness. When she saw Yun Jian coming, she shouted at her in a thrill, “Jiejie, you’re here! Yun Zhu’s awake!”

“Mn.” Yun Jian smiled at Duan Li as she made her way to them.

Due to the incident, the school was dismissed in the afternoon. Everyone could only return after the police had done a thorough investigation on the case. Otherwise, how could they continue going to school when their lives were at risk?

This meant that little Yun Zhu and his friends were on a break again.

It was after asking Duan Li that Yun Jian knew no one was going to pick her up for the unexpected school dismissal. She was even going to school and back home on her own usually. When Yun Jian saw that Yun Zhu was worried about the young girl going home alone, she decided to send her home.

They had gotten to the school gate when Yun Jian saw Ya Dang and Lan Su rushing back speedily. Both of them had arrived before Yun Jian almost at the same time.

“Where were you both just now?” Yun Jian asked.

“Killing the snipers!” Ya Dang and Lan Su answered simultaneously. Right after that, they glared daggers at each other.

Yun Jian felt the corners of her lips tugging.

Lan Su was heard explaining, “I killed the snipers just now.”

“Please, young madam, I’m the one who shot the snipers with a gun!” Ya Dang insisted.

Both of them were asking for credit from Yun Jian.

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