The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 662 - Are They Fighting? This Is Flirting

Chapter 662: Are They Fighting? This Is Flirting

Yun Jian had guessed that Ya Dang and Lan Su had gone to kill the snipers, but she was not expecting both of them to fight for credit from her.

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“Yun Jian, I really killed the snipers with darts just now!” Lan Su was not backing down from what Ya Dang said. There was a hint of annoyance on her aloof pretty face as she spoke to Yun Jian.

Ya Dang suddenly smiled looking at the girl’s serious mien. He glanced at her before shifting to look at Yun Jian and spoke like he had no other choice, “Yeah, yeah, you killed those snipers. A gentleman like me is not fighting with a young lady like you!”

As Ya Dang and Mo Sen served Si Yi, Mo Sen had never been one to claim credit from Si Yi while Ya Dang had a hot temper and said everything on his mind.

Although Lan Su had lived in Yulong Mainland for thousands of years, she looked to be only 16-17 years old here on earth, so she matched Ya Dang’s address of ‘young lady’.

Ya Dang and Mo Sen were boldly older than Si Yi and were in their early twenties.

Hearing Ya Dang call her ‘young lady’, Lan Su gave him a sideways glance with a vexation creeping up her cold expression.

“Yun Jian, I don’t like sticking around him. Make him leave,” Lan Su told Yun Jian directly.

She was from Yulong Mainland and had no idea about dealing with people, interacting with them harmoniously or showing tact. She was straightforward with her words.

Yun Jian smiled a little, helpless, and turned to look at Ya Dang.

She did not speak while Ya Dang continued bickering with Lan Su after hearing what she said, “Hey, I go my way and you do your thing. I don’t think we have any grudges?”

Ya Dang dared not leave without Yun Jian’s permission. His young master had sent him here to be on Yun Jian’s beck and call. If he actually had the guts to leave now, Ya Dang was sure that the doors to the Amazon jungle were readily opened for him. Moreover, Snow Eagle was unreliable; that fella would send him off to the rainforest once he committed a mistake.

Ya Dang and Snow Eagle were best buddies, but the latter was guaranteed bad company once he listened to Si Yi after the jacket he gifted Ya Dang was snatched by Si Yi to drape around Yun Jian as a coat.

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Ya Dang felt the corners of his lips twitching.

Yun Jian’s smile widened before she patted Duan Li’s head and said faintly, “Both of you can head home. I’ll go back after sending Chessie home.”

Lan Su and Ya Dang had, of course, nodded obediently at that.

“Right.” Yun Jian voiced out when she suddenly remembered.

“Hmm?” Both Lan Su and Ya Dang halted their steps.

With one hand holding Yun Zhu and another holding Duan Li, Yun Jian led them away to a less crowded place. She looked up at Lan Su and Ya Dang, asking in a tone inaudible to the children, “Are the corpses of the snipers taken care of?”

Ya Dang was the first to nod and replied, “I’ve handled them.”

“Have you found out their background?” This was what Yun Jian wanted to know the most. She wanted to know who sent assassins after her!

She had never been a pushover. She would never let someone, who dared an assassination upon her like that and even planned to abduct Yun Zhu, to get away!

“I’ve reported it to the organization. It’s currently under investigation,” Ya Dang answered.

When he spoke, Lan Su stood next to him with her head turned to another side so she could ignore the young man.

“Is jiejie and Ya Dang-gege righting?” Yun Zhu turned as well to ask Duan Li in a whisper.

He was referring to Lan Su, calling her jiejie since he did not know her name yet.

“I don’t know. But I heard from Xiao Hui that a hand that beats you is a hand that loves you. This is flirting,” Duan Li blinked and replied to Yun Zhu seriously after giving it some thoughts.

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