The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 663 - She’s A Good Girl. Duan Li’s Home

Chapter 663: She’s A Good Girl. Duan Li’s Home

Duan Li had no idea what flirting meant but she had heard it from a classmate named Xiao Hui. Thinking that what was happening now was similar to what her friend described, so she relayed it.

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“Ooh...” Little Yun Zhu nodded as if he understood immediately like a little grown-up and replied, “Then jiejie and Ya Dang-gege must be flirting.” He was still referring to Lan Su.

To the boy, he would call any woman whom he did not know their name but was nice to him and older than him “jiejie”.

“Mn, I think so too.” Having no idea that she had misled Yun Zhu, Duan Li nodded and cracked a grin. Her small smiley face was tempting others to give her supple cheeks a pinch just by looking at her.

Despite Yun Zhu and Duan Li’s hushed conversation, it was heard by Yun Jian. Lan Su and Ya Dang, who had excellent hearing senses, caught it clearly as well. Both of them felt their hearts stuttering from what the children said and snapped their heads away to ignore each other.

They stopped bickering as if they were scared that little Yun Zhu and Duan Li would misunderstand them again. Lan Su would not shout at Yun Zhu or Duan Li since Yun Jian was here, and Ya Dang dared not do it as well with Si Yi as his restraint.

Yun Jian felt awkward on behalf of Lan Su and Ya Dang for what Yun Zhu and Duan Li said. Parting her lips, she told the older pair, “You both can go back first.”

This was what they had been waiting for! Lan Su and Ya Dang answered simultaneously, “Mn!” Just as they said that Lan Su glared at Ya Dang before speeding off while Ya Dang was not far behind—both of them vanished in a flash.

“Alright, where’s your house, Chessie? I’ll send you home now,” Yun Jian asked, patting Duan Li’s head again.

There was a slight shudder that ran through Duan Li when home was mentioned and it did not escape Yun Jian’s eyes. It made her crease her brows a little but she did not pursue it.

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“Jiejie, can we pick up my little sister from school first? She’s Duan Ya and she’s a good girl. She won’t throw a tantrum,” Duan Li asked Yun Jian politely.

“Mn, where does your sister go to school?” Yun Jian was slightly stunned that Duan Li had a younger sister but there was no change in her facial expression that reflected her surprise.

“She’s in Fawn Kindergarten on Sanzi Street. Jiejie, I’ll take you guys there!” As Duan Li spoke, she held Yun Jian’s hand and marched ahead in practiced ease.

The three of them arrived at Fawn Kindergarten swiftly with Duan Li leading the way. After they picked up Duan Li’s baby sister, Duan Ya, Yun Jian sent both the little girls home.

On the way, Yun Zhu brazed himself to ask Duan Li, “Chessie, do you send and pick up your little sister from school every day?”

Duan Li’s smile was bright. “Yeah, she’s a very good girl!”

Duan Li’s nonchalant comment was heart wrenching. She was only an eight years old child but she had to send her younger sister to school and pick her up every day.

A pang struck Yun Jian as she was filled with affection for Duan Li. The young girl was mature in her actions. She could not be anything otherwise and she did not get to be a child—because she had a younger sister, she had to be mature for her.

It took more than 10 minutes for the group to send Duan Li and Duan Ya home. They came to an apartment where trash was scattered everywhere like no one had cleaned it before.

There were not many people staying here and it did not seem like it was maintained regularly. Duan Li took them up to the third floor and opened the door to her house. Right away, a stench greeted their nose from the inside.

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