The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 666 - Supported By A Cougar. For A Good Life

Chapter 666: Supported By A Cougar. For A Good Life

It was obvious from Duan Shi’s action that him beating up Duan Li was a common occurrence.

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Duan Li had asked Yun Jian and Yun Zhu to stay for dinner without expecting her father to be back tonight because he usually came home reeking of beer only when it was near midnight. When she saw Duan Shi now, she was frozen.

“Go to hell!” Duan Shi bellowed viciously with an unacceptable sense of unreasonableness. At the same time, the broom he swung was coming down on Duan Li’s forehead.

“Don’t hit Chessie! Go away!” Little Yun Zhu sprinted out and raised his stumpy arm to block Duan Shi’s blow.

The man was already hitting his own daughter, what was more someone who was entirely unrelated to him. Hurling the broom, he brought it down toward Yun Zhu’s head violently.

If the strike struck the right place, it could possibly cripple Yun Zhu! After all, children were fragile physically.

The wealthy woman in her forties or fifties, who stood behind Duan Shi, was excited when she saw the scene. Her fat legs shook in anticipation as she watched Duan Shi swing the broom at Yun Zhu and Duan Li, like she was watching a drama.

Just as she watched Duan Shi raise the broom above Yun Zhu’s head and was going to bring it down on the boy harshly, a shadow flashed to block in front of Yun Zhu like a bolt of lightning.

She then saw Yun Jian extending an arm and her hand gracefully caught the stick of the broom Duan Shi was slamming over.


Everyone in the unit heard the soft sound of the broom swinging but there was nothing else after that.

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As Yun Jian caught the broomstick so suddenly, Duan Shi scowled. His considerably handsome face twisted into a glover as he shouted at Yun Jian, “Who are you! Why are you here in my house? Why are you poking your nose into my family affair? Get out, get out right now! What does me hitting my own daughter have to do with you!”

Duan Shi was furious with self-righteousness dripping off his words.

With a frown, Yun Jian put herself between Duan Shi and Duan Li who was shaking in fear and little Yun Zhu who stepped up to save the girl. Yun Jian’s aura was domineering like a king as she stared at Duan Shi, already having her guess about Duan Li’s family situation.

“Who I am isn’t important but I’m sticking my nose in this today for sure!” When Yun Jian spoke, Duan Shi and the rich woman behind him shuddered.

It was just a shiver of chill, however, as her age was not enough to intimidate both the adults.

“Darling, isn’t this your house? You hitting your daughter has nothing to do with her. Who’s she anyway? You can sue them for intruding on private property as they’re in your house!” The wealthy woman came to stand next to Duan Shi as she called out to the man intimately with her thick legs and fat bottom sticking to him.

Yun Jian knew what was going on just by watching them.

Duan Shi had the looks but he was poor. If Yun Jian’s guess was correct, the man was probably a sugar baby kept by this rich woman. As long as one was rich nowadays, it did not necessarily take a man to offer financial support in exchange for sexual intimacy from a woman; if a woman was rich, she could keep a boy toy as her sugar baby too.

“Meimei, sit down first. I’ll come back to you after I take care of these two shameless b*tches.” Duan Shi softened his tone at the rich woman before turning around and glared at Duan Li and Duan Ya.

He was being supported by a cougar, yes, and the cougar right here had a husband worth tens of millions! His sugar mama was supporting him through her husband’s money. Duan Shi had gone with this wealthy woman named Shi Mei even when she was ugly and was 23 years older than him because her family was rich.

To be honest, Duan Shi was planning to pack up and leave with Shi Mei when he came home today. He was going to abandon his burden, Duan Li and Duan Ya, for a good life on his own.

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