The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 667 - Flung Into The Air—Makes No Sense

Chapter 667: Flung Into The Air—Makes No Sense

After Duan Shi spoke gently to Shi Mei, he turned to face Yun Jian.

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“This is my family affair. You should scram right now! Otherwise, I’ll call the police and you guys can stay and wait to be put behind the bars!” Duan Shi sniped at Yun Jian aggressively.

Shi Mei pulled out a new cellphone from her purse as if she was flaunting it right after Duan Shi had spoken and dialed 110 for the police right before everyone.

The first responder station for 110 in Country Z was already established in 1986. As it was 1999 now and Longmen City was one of the more economically developed cities in Country Z, the 110 hotline was in operation a long time ago.

When Shi Mei took out her phone, she brandished it in front of Yun Jian like she was showing it off before dialing the number with her hand that was painted with bright red nails that seemed trendy during the era.

It was just that she did not dial the call directly.

Duan Shi who turned to see that Shi Mei had already punched the police number in cracked a grin at the woman before turning back to threaten Yun Jian viciously, “We’ll call the police right now if you don’t leave! We have a phone! Hah!”

As he spoke, his words were laced with a brag. Clinging to Shi Mei, he felt like he was one of the rich folks too.

“Jiejie, Yun Zhu, leave quickly!” Duan Li was scared of Duan Shi but she had still made her way over to tug at the hem of Yun Jian’s clothes and told her.

“Scram! Both you rascals too, I’ll make you pay for this later! How dare you turn a deaf ear to what I said!” Duan Shi scolded Yun Jian before he berated Duan Li and Duan Ya like he was going to swallow them whole.

It was easy to imagine how Duan Shi would punish Duan Li and Duan Ya if Yun Jian did leave with Yun Zhu. Yun Jian circled Duan Li into her arms unnoticeably while she stared at Duan Shi with a sharp gaze and let go of her hands that were wrapped around the girl.

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“You guys are not allowed to bully Chessie!” Yun Zhu stepped forward and spread his arms to keep Duan Li and Yun Jian behind him. His beady eyes glared at Duan Shi like he was going to bore holes into the man.

Unfortunately, Duan Shi grew up being threatened constantly, so little Yun Zhu’s warning was ineffective on him.

“Xiao Zhu, let’s go.” As Yun Jian let go of Duan Li’s hand, she grabbed Yun Zhu’s hand to go to the door.

“Why, jiejie! Chessie will be bullied if we leave!” Yun Zhu was stunned. He had always thought that his elder sister was skilled. Why was she asked to leave when Chessie would be in danger?

Duan Shi and Shi Mei who held her phone victoriously standing at the back scoffed at Yun Jian as they thought that the girl was intimidated.

Just when Yun Jian took Yun Zhu and came through Duan Shi and Shi Mei to head out the door, Yun Jian suddenly launched a reverse kick at Duan Shi. The strength of her kick slammed Duan Shi to the floor.

With his face thumping the floor, Duan Shi’s front teeth bled from the impact!

At the same time, Yun Jian took a large stride forward and pulled Shi Mei’s phone out of her hand before she could react. Sliding forward again, she made another reverse kick that threw the woman on the floor as well.

Shi Mei nearly choked from the pain when her bulky size was sent hurling against the door behind her.

It was after Duan Shi and Shi Mei were flung into the air that they snapped out of their shock. Yun Jian was just stopping Shi Mei from calling the police when she said she was leaving—what a marvelous actor she was!

More surprisingly, how was a 16-year-old girl like her so skilled? It did not make sense!

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