The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 669 - Trash Of A Father, Duan Shi. Why Are You Here?

Chapter 669: Trash Of A Father, Duan Shi. Why Are You Here?

“I’d like to report a case of domestic child abuse. The address is Unit 302, Block 3 of People’s Apartment, East Street, Sanyang Road,” Yun Jian stated the address and case clearly to the phone in one breath.

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By the time Shi Mei rushed to her, she was done with the report, having included their current address. The reason Yun Jian knew the address here was due to her habit of looking at street signs and unit numbers no matter where she went. She took only glimpses and while others might not discern anything unusual, she had already memorized all the street names and lot numbers.

Truthfully, street names and house numbers like the block and unit of an apartment were all stated in our daily lives. It depended if one would pay attention and take a look at it normally.

Yun Jian’s excellent memory meant that she had remembered all of these.

When she stated the address accurately, Duan Shi and Shi Mei were baffled.

Yun Jian had already ended the call on Shi Mei’s cellphone. She did not bring something as heavy as the cellphone since she was dressed in sports attire to attend little Yun Zhu’s family sports day today. She brought her butterfly knife, however, as that was her item of habitual use.

Shi Mei flared up the moment Yun Jian completed the call. Snapping her head to Duan Shi, she screeched, “What do we do? What do we do! The call was made! How did she know your home address? Did you tell her? You did it on purpose huh! This has nothing to do with me, you handle it yourself!”

Terrified, Shi Mei shucked all the responsibilities to Duan Shi and picked up her purse to flee. Consumed with her nerves, she did not even think to ask for her phone back.

“No! It’s not me. Meimei, I came back with you. How could I possibly lie to you!” Duan Shi swiftly turned to pull the woman back. Then, he pushed everything to Duan Li.

Glaring at the girl, Duan Shi spoke cuttingly. His tone did not sound like they were father and daughter as he bellowed at her, “Did you tell her my address just now! You b*tch! I’ll kill you later!”

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Not only did Duan Shi feel no fatherly connection to Duan Li and Duan Ya, he loathed both of them deeply. Scolding and hitting them were common, he was usually beating them up—Duan Shi would even crash beer bottles on Duan Li’s head when he got drunk.

There was still a wound on top of Duan Li’s head from being gashed by a beer bottle shard. It was just hidden as her hair covered it.

“Dad... I...” Duan Li shrunk timidly, as if she could already imagine how Duan Shi would hurt her.

As she did, Yun Zhu kept his stance in front of Duan Li like a little hero.

Keeping her eyes on Duan Shi, Yun Jian’s right hand had slipped into her pants pocket since the start.

“You useless b*tch! Just you wait! I’ll be the one dead if I keep you alive! Just you wait!” Duan Li was kept behind Yun Jian, so Duan Shi dared not act recklessly and could only threaten the child verbally.

Duan Shi wanted nothing more than to tear Duan Li into pieces right now.

With that, the man grabbed Shi Mei’s hand and was about to flee when the police siren was heard from the door. The adults felt a squeeze to their hearts.

Why was the police so fast!

A handful of police officers were already making their way up the staircase. Just as they entered, Yun Jian saw a familiar face.

Officer Wu who spotted Yun Jian again when he entered the unit gasped in surprise, “Ma’am, wh-why are you here?”

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