The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 67 - Preparing for Divorce and the Approaching Monthly Test

Chapter 67 - Preparing for Divorce and the Approaching Monthly Test

Yun Zhong was, of course, here to persuade Qin Yirou as well. His initial goal was similar to Lu Lanhua’s, to dissuade the divorce.

It was just that his attitude was not as harsh as Lu Lanhua’s.

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However, he had turned to another decision just now.

His youngest daughter-in-law had suffered having been married to his unfilial son. There was never a good day in her years of marriage. It had been filled with hardsh.i.p.s.

Yun Zhong felt sorry for Qin Yirou. She was someone else’s wonderful daughter too, but her life had taken a turn for the worse after marrying Yun Gang. Yun Zhong compromised and ultimately chose to let go.

His words shocked everyone.

Qin Yirou did not expect him to be the one on her side, as when there was a discord he usually kept to himself.

Warmth flooded her heart. She had decided then and there that she would come back to visit the old man when she had settled down with her children after this.

"What? I don’t agree! I won’t let her take away my grandson no matter what!" Lu Lanhua was vehement, glaring at Qin Yirou and Yun Jian.

"Shut up, old hag! We’ve owed Yirou too much. Do you want my conscience to be guilty for the rest of my life!" Yun Zhong slapped the table hard several times as he spoke whilst growling at Lu Lanhua. He was close to slapping his palm on her face instead.

Lu Lanhua was still intimidated by the old man’s rage. She was furious but she could only clamp her mouth shut.

Yun Zhong panted and soothed his tone as much as he could, before looking at Qin Yirou and Yun Jian with a sigh. "Yirou, go complete the divorce procedure whenever that unfilial son, Yun Gang, is back. Stay here in this house first. Ah... he’s had it coming! He’s been asking for this..."

Sighing while he spoke, Yun Zhong walked out slowly dragging his leaden body. He was going home.

Just as he stepped out of the house, Lu Lanhua turned with a glowering stare at Qin Yirou. "Get lost as soon as possible since you’re leaving anyway! This house is my Gang’s property!"

She then glared daggers at Yun Jian before leaving after Yun Zhong.

Yun Zheng was in the trickiest position. Not knowing what to say, he could only smile helplessly before he left.

Qin Yirou and Yun Jian who were still high-strung were all who remained.

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"Mom." Seeing that the ’family’ was gone, Yun Jian gently tapped Qin Yirou’s shoulder and rubbed back her in pacification.

"Mom, we’ve braved harder days. As long as you, bro, and I, the three of us are all still together, there’s nothing we can’t go through." Yun Jian took Qin Yirou into her embrace and comforted her softly.

The woman did not make a sound but Yun Jian could feel her tears wetting her shoulder.

As long as they were together, there was nothing they could not overcome.

Yun Jian planned to fully move out of Xinjiang Town and relocate the entire family to Longmen City given this opportunity.

Certainly, the plan was close to its execution.


Monday and Tuesday of the next week were the monthly school tests, while the basketball match was on Friday morning.

As the monthly test was approaching, many students pulled long faces.

If they failed to perform well, their parents would be after them when the results were announced. Therefore, all of them pulled their socks up and started to cram.

"Xiao Jian, how’s your preparation?" Lu Feiyan looked at Yun Jian glumly with slight nervousness as the test was coming soon.

"No problem," replied Yun Jian.

She could ace it without preparation too. After all, the level of this test was a piece of cake for her.

In spite of it, everyone knew that Yun Jian’s results had always ranked at the bottom few places of the class. Each time there was an examination, she was usually the most mournful.

Her "no problem", therefore attracted attention.

It was coincidentally heard by Wang Rourou as well. The girl was still begrudged about the dance. Once she heard that Yun Jian had "no problem" studying, she could not help coming over to taunt her.

"Hey, Yun Jian, how much do you plan to score this time? You ought to study hard. Don’t rank last and pull our class down!"

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