The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 670 - I’ll Beat Them Up How I Want

Chapter 670: I’ll Beat Them Up How I Want

Officer Wu had just packed up the scene from Wuning Yi Elementary School not too long ago when he received a new task claiming that someone had reported a case of domestic abuse here.

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Domestic abuse cases could usually be sorted through the residence’s neighborhood committee and then intervened by the police when the mediation failed.

From the police documentation record, however, Duan Shi’s home had not been new to reports of domestic abuse. The police had even pushed a forceful intervention back then and Duan Shi had frequented the station as well. It was just that he was released ultimately.

Duan Li and Duan Ya were often harshly beaten up by Duan Shi that the other residents in the apartment could not keep watching. They had reported him to the police and the man was held in custody but he was ultimately freed without any charge or penalty.

It was not like the apartment’s residents were keeping an eye on Duan Shi every day to see if he was abusing his daughters, so Duan Shi waited till there was no one around to hit Duan Li and Duan Ya.

Other than that, he would only hit the girls in front of people when he was drunk. He would vent his anger on them too when he got angry.

It was due to this that Officer Wu was sent here before he returned to the station after taking care of the previous case. In addition, it was not his first time here, so Officer Wu was rather familiar with the direction.

Nevertheless, Officer Wu did not expect to see Yun Jian just after he wrapped things up in Wuning Yi Elementary School. Yun Jian was an Advanced Special Forces soldier and the Slashing God from Team Monarch! The policeman was flabbergasted when he saw her while Yun Jian cracked a smile at the man.

Duan Shi and Shi Mei already had a guilty conscience. When Officer Wu greeted Yun Jian the first thing after he stepped into the house, both of them were even more alarmed. Yun Jian knew the police?

In that case...

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“Ma’am, did you make the report?” Officer Wu asked Yun Jian while Duan Shi and Shi Mei were diffident with guilt. During the conversation, Officer Wu did not spare them a glance.

“Mm.” Yun Jian nodded.

“The police have done plenty of investigation regarding this case. You’re Mr. Duan, right?” Officer Wu looked at Duan Shi who was no stranger to him.

Duan Shi’s abuse toward Duan Li and Duan Ya was not new to anyone living in the apartment. Some of the residents were unable to stand it and reported it to the police a long time ago. The neighborhood committee had advised Duan Shi of the matter as well, but nothing worked.

It was because the police did not have concrete evidence to prove the severity of Duan Shi’s abuse, so they were unable to put him behind bars.

Duan Shi merely glimpsed at Officer Wu without replying. Truthfully, the policeman knew Duan Shi even without the question.

“Regarding your beating and berating the children, w...” Officer Wu was cut off by Duan Shi before he could finish.

“F*ck you all. The kids are mine. I’ll beat them up how I want, what can you do about it?” Duan Shi cursed at Officer Wu crudely.

Anyone—as long as one was human—who heard Duan Shi’s heartless statement would feel disgruntled. Officer Wu cussed at Duan Shi in his mind too but there was no decisive evidence to capture Duan Shi; otherwise, he would have thrown someone like Duan Shi in prison a long time ago.

Video recorders and voice recorders were not common in 1999 yet. At least, the residents who stayed here had none. If someone had managed to record Duan Shi’s physical or verbal abuse towards his children, the man would have been jailed by now.

Just when Duan Shi thought that the worst was him going to the police station with Officer Wu once again, a mix of voices sounded.

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