The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 671 - Give It To Me Or I’ll Kill You

Chapter 671: Give It To Me Or I’ll Kill You

“Did you tell her my address just now! You b*tch! I’ll kill you later!”

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“Dad... I...”

“You useless b*tch! Just you wait! I’ll be the one dead if I keep you alive! Just you wait!”

The voices came from the pocket of Yun Jian’s track pants. It was Duan Shi hurling insults at Duan Li before Officer Wu’s arrival.

When the recording ended, Yun Jian retrieved the mini voice recorder from her pocket. The gadget was small in size, something that Yun Jian had asked Zhang Zhifan to prepare for her.

Now that New Cruise was growing in scale and beginning to expand nationwide, Yun Jian had plans to make the company in Longmen City the headquarters and set up more subsidiaries in other regions later on to fully make New Cruise a household name in Country Z.

It was certainly not something to be completed within a day, and there was no hurry to accomplish it.

Yun Jian had asked Zhang Zhifan to purchase the voice recorder overseas. She knew that she would have a lot of uses for it, so the request to Zhang Zhifan was for a mini voice recorder. The man had just received and passed the item to Yun Jian.

She had brought it out of convenience today, not that she expected the first time of her using it would be on Duan Shi. With the voice recording now, Duan Shi could not argue his way out of this.

Officer Wu had condemned Duan Shi for a long time—it was purely because of the latter’s remorseless ways. He did not treat his daughters like they were people and hit them like they were just punching bags for venting. Anyone who did the same would be scorned.

Officer Wu was unable to get his hands on the evidence for what Duan Shi had done, but with Yun Jian’s voice recording, he could capture Duan Shi right there and then. Moreover, Duan Shi had inflected a lot of wounds on his daughters.

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Simply put, Duan Shi was definitely going behind bars with Yun Jian’s voice recording.

When Duan Shi heard the recording, his rather radiant face blanched immediately.

“Hand it over! Damn you, stupid girl, give it to me!” Disregarding everything, Duan Shi pounced at Yun Jian with a fierce cry.

As he darted to her belligerently, Yun Jian merely narrowed her eyes, not making a sound or a move.

“Careful!” Officer Wu felt his breath catch in his throat when he watched Duan Shi charge for Yun Jian like he wanted to kill her.

With a raise of a leg, however, Yun Jian kicked the man down to the floor. Officer Wu let out a sigh of relief as well.

While Duan Shi lunged for Yun Jian, Shi Mei was gone in the blink of an eye. She ran fast since there were no police stopping her.

As Duan Shi was kicked down to the floor, Duan Li merely blinked her eyes. Father’s love was non-existent to her. Furthermore, Duan Li did not feel any familial bond to Duan Shi since she was frequently abused to the point of bleeding and bruising.

Duan Ya shrunk in on herself by the end of the bed, frozen as she stared at the situation. One could not help feel their heart ache for her at her frightened look.

Upon a closer look, there were wounds littering the back of the hands and feet of Duan Li and Duan Ya like they were cut.

“F*ck! F*ck you! I’m going to kill you! Argh!” Not wanting to go to jail, Duan Shi was going to snatch the voice recorder in Yun Jian’s hand!

He growled in a frenzy and rushed to the stove to pick up a worn-down knife, pointing it to Yun Jian and threatening her despite the police in her house, “Give it to me or I’ll kill you! I’ll kill all of you! Arghh!”

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