The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 673 - Catching By The Blade. She’s A Teenager!

Chapter 673: Catching By The Blade. She’s A Teenager!

Looking at Yun Jian step over to Duan Shi, Officer Wu and his colleagues were rather worried.

Yun Jian was just a teenage girl regardless. Even when she was under ASF, she was bare-handed while Duan Shi held a chopping knife!

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Someone with a weapon and someone without—the one with a weapon had the upper hand for sure!

“If you come over... come over some more... I’ll ki-kill you!” Duan Shi trembled as he stumbled back until there was no more space for him to withdraw. It was only then he stopped and pointed the knife at Yun Jian.

“Didn’t you want this?” Yun Jian waved the voice recorder in her hand. The smile was wiped off her face abruptly as she looked at Duan Shi coldly.

“I...” Duan Shi’s eyes flitted before they were trained closely on the voice record in Yun Jian’s hand.

There was a cruel glint in Duan Shi’s eyes in the next second as he sprinted toward Yun Jian the fastest he could while holding the knife. With one hand gripping the knife, Duan Shi hurled it down toward Yun Jian while his other hand moved agilely to snatch the device from her.

“Give it to me!” As Duan Shi snarled, the savagery that took over his face made most of the people in the house gasp.

It was crazy! Out of this world! Duan Shi had gone insane!

While Officer Wu and his colleagues wanted to squeeze their eyes shut in fear of witnessing what was to come, Yun Jian’s hand flew out suddenly.

Duan Shi was slashing the chopping knife toward her at that moment.



Yun Zhu and Duan Li screamed nearly at the same time. Both of them were terrified and screeched right there and then.

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Duan Shi was hacking the knife toward the top of Yun Jian’s head and the latter was catching it with her hand!

This was a knife! The blade was incredibly sharp. Even when one was cutting vegetables, a careless slide of fingertip against the blade would usually cut the flesh. If one had accidentally pressed too hard when chopping, it would make a deep wound that bled profusely.

The consequence of such a knife being swung down on someone was nothing those in the apartment unit could picture!

Despite Yun Jian killing the Inferno Ring assassin in Wuning Yi Elementary School, Officer Wu had not actually witnessed the process. He and his colleagues had just asked around those who were there and taken down their statements.

As for how Yun Jian had actually killed the assassin, they had only heard the recount of it from the parents and teachers who were there in Wuning Yi Elementary School.

“Be careful!” Officer Wu could not help shouting.

Although everyone there was scared of witnessing the gory scene, Officer Wu and his colleagues were principled men—they were not closing their eyes.

Duan Shi’s knife had come to the top of Yun Jian’s head while Yun Jian’s hand was already extended.

Just when the majority thought that Yun Jian was definitely getting wounded from Duan Shi’s chop, even the man himself was smirking darkly in the assumption that he was going to grab the voice recorder. Suddenly Yun Jian’s fair and smooth hand flew out like a flash of lightning, catching the blade of Duan Shi’s knife with just her thumb and index finger.

There was only two centimeters left between the knife in Duan Shi’s grip and Yun Jian’s flesh. If it went down farther, it would have cut Yun Jian’s thumb off!

No matter how Duan Shi exerted his strength, however, Yun Jian’s thumb and index finger kept their hold on the blade and immobilized the man’s hand that was holding the knife.

“You! You!” Duan Shi shrieked in shock at the effect.

Officer Wu and the other police officers who stood farther away were so astounded, it was as if they saw a ghost.

The blade was the sharpest part of the knife since Duan Shi was holding the handle. Yun Jian had managed to catch the blade so accurately and so swiftly, in addition to tensing her muscles to stop Duan Shi, who was holding the knife and had the absolute upper hand, from pressing the knife down!

How strong must Yun Jian’s fingers be and how talented must she be to be able to catch Duan Shi’s attack without batting an eye!—And she was only a teenager!

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