The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 674 - I’ll Take Care Of These Two Children

Chapter 674: I’ll Take Care Of These Two Children

Officer Wu and his colleagues had not gone through the Special Forces training, they only worked out and went for runs every day diligently.

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To watch Yun Jian catch the chopping knife that Duan Shi swung down toward her with only her fingertips pinching the blade and leaving a two-centimeter gap between her flesh and stopping the man’s attack... The knife was slippery and smooth—to keep a hold on the blade with a single hand and stop it from hashing down, Yun Jian’s finger and arm strength were nothing regular people could compare to!

Whilst Officer Wu and his colleagues stayed dumbfounded and Duan Shi was going to pull back the knife to swing it again at Yun Jian after snapping out of his daze, Yun Jian pulled her leg to the side and raised it up to kick Duan Shi’s knee without even looking.

“Ah!” Duan Shi cried as his leg gave out when Yun Jian’s kick struck his knee.

He fell to his knees from the pain and coincidentally faced Yun Jian from the movement. As his legs gave out, Duan Shi’s grip loosened as well.

Yun Jian grabbed the knife from him easily and twirled to perch it against Duan Shi’s neck where the man had fallen onto his knees right before her, causing him to break out in a sweat.

Then, Yun Jian’s merciless and monotonous voice sounded, “You don’t even deserve to be Chessie’s father. Killing you would be dirtying my hands!”

Yun Jian holding the cool knife in front of his neck, there was nothing else Duan Shi could care of when the girl was going to kill him!

“Please, I beg you! Don’t kill me! I’m wrong! Don’t kill me...” Duan Shi’s rather handsome face was incredibly pale as he trembled. Even if there were someone holding him down, he probably would not stop quivering. Most people would be scared in a life and death situation.

“Don’t!” Thinking that Yun Jian was really going to kill Duan Shi, Officer Wu came forward to stop her immediately.

Duan Shi was a scum but Yun Jian would not be able to escape from the legal consequences if she did kill him.

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Other police officers ran up to handcuff the man in an instant and took him back to the police station.

“Can you bring the kids back with us to the police station to take the statement, ma’am?” Officer Wu came to ask Yun Jian after she dropped the knife.

“Mn.” Yun Jian nodded with a hum as she held Duan Li’s icy little hands that could not stop shaking.

Whether Duan Shi’s neglect of his children was ruled as domestic abuse and whether he had to be jailed, he would definitely be held in custody for assaulting the police and openly trying to snatch Yun Jian’s voice recorder right in front of them.

Duan Li and Duan Ya would have to go to the police station for their statements to be taken after what happened. As Yun Jian was the cause of the incident, she was not abandoning the girls.

After the procedure in the police station, Duan Shi was kept in custody. It would still take a while before his charges were ruled but according to Officer Wu, it was certain that the man would be spending some time in prison.

In spite of it, he would not be jailed for too long but the particular period would have to wait for the court’s order.

After the statements were taken, Officer Wu sent Yun Jian and the children off personally. Some of the police officers who were working in the station did double takes when they saw Yun Jian. They were surprised at her appearance. A teenage girl had made Officer Wu see her out personally!

Both of the mentioned people were currently standing at the entrance.

“Regarding these two children, I can send them to the children’s welfare home,” Officer Wu told Yun Jian looking at Duan Li and Duan Ya.

“It’s fine. I’ll take care of them,” Yun Jian said with a smile.

It made no difference to Yun Jian to have another two mouths to feed and the reason she was fostering Duan Li and Duan Ya was because Yun Zhu had pleaded with her. When the boy heard that his sister was agreeing to his request, he had skipped and cheered with Duan Li happily despite his young age and naivety.

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