The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 678 - School’s Reopening—Homework Rush

Chapter 678: School’s Reopening—Homework Rush

It was until Si Yi had eaten Yun Jian’s chicken drumstick again that little Yun Zhu shouted at Si Yi, “Si Yi-gege, you can’t fight for jiejie’s drumstick. That’s for her! You’re a meanie!”

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Yun Zhu protested on behalf of Yun Jian immediately but right after he did, he looked at Si Yi and toned down his vehemence.

“Si Yi-gege, are you still hungry?” little Yun Zhu asked.

“Hmm?” Si Yi looked up and smiled at the boy.

“Si Yi-gege, if you’re still hungry, I’ll give you mine. Jiejie’s hungry too,” Yun Zhu said as he pushed his drumsticks to Si Yi.

Si Yi pushed said piece of chicken back to the boy and told him, “I’m not hungry.”

“Then why did you take jiejie’s chicken? Our teacher said that it’s wrong to snatch someone else’s food!” Yun Zhu protested again righteously.

Si Yi grinned awkwardly.

“Eat up. I’ll take you guys home after this,” Yun Jian urged and said, “We’ll have to prepare the bed for the girls when we go home. It’s already 7pm now. It’s not good for children to sleep late.”

What Yun Jian said was understood by the children.

Yun Zhu, Duan Li, and Duan Ya listened well. Toward the end, Yun Zhu and Duan Li competed to see who would finish their meal first and thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the match. Duan Li had never played so happily in her life. The wide grin had never left her face as if she was going to express all the happiness she had in this lifetime.

“Jiejie, Si Yi-gege, I’m done!” Little Yun Zhu was the first to raise his head.

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“I’m done too.” There was a bright and content beam on Duan Li’s delicate rosy face.

Si Yi went to the counter to pay the bill and left Jiangxi Recipe with Yun Jian and the three kids. When they got home, Yun Jian explained Duan Li and Duan Ya’s case to Qin Yirou and Yun Yi who had just returned from Qing You’s house.

Now that Qin Yirou and Yun Yi knew about Yun Jian owning New Cruise of Longmen City, they were not opposed to her decision to foster Duan Li and Duan Ya. On the contrary, Qin Yirou took both the girls into her embrace and showered them with affection for some time when she heard about their story.

Ultimately, Duan Li and Duan Ya called Qin Yirou as Mama Qin just like Yun Zhu.

Qin Yirou was kind hearted but being kind and taking in children depended on the situation. If it were back when they were still impoverished, Qin Yirou might not foster another child after taking in little Yun Zhu. After all, they would not be able to survive with a few additional mouths to feed when they could barely make ends meet. Qin Yirou was not one to be kind blindly. Now that their family was doing considerably well due to Yun Jian, she was happy to take in Duan Li and Duan Ya.

Yun Yi welcomed Duan Li and Duan Ya as well but he had just come down to show himself before he went upstairs again.

“Ge.” Yun Jian stopped him. Yun Yi had just come back from Qing You’s family house today.

“What is it, Xiao Jian?” he asked.

“Why are you going upstairs so early? Not spending some time down here?” asked Yun Jian.

Yun Yi flushed suddenly as his answer came quickly, “Rushing through my homework. School’s reopening tomorrow. Xiao Jian, I’m heading up now.”

Yun Yi went up with that.

Staying at Qing You’s place, Yun Yi had not felt like coming home. It was why he had only returned to Longmen City right on the last day and that caused him to not be able to finish his homework in time.

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