The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 679 - I’m Here. First Day Of School

Chapter 679: I’m Here. First Day Of School

Yun Yi had always been a goody two shoes. Whether it was at home or in school, homework was something he would always complete on time.

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When Yun Jian heard that Yun Yi had yet to finish his homework, she was taken aback. Basically, she scored well in school but she was the one who often did not do her homework. She usually turned a blind eye to the homework assigned by the school; school was reopening the next day for Yun Jian too but homework was inexistent to her.

Nonetheless, Yun Yi was different. If Yun Jian was asked to believe that Yun Yi did not do his homework, it felt more unacceptable to her than telling her that the sky was falling. After all, everyone knew how diligent he was. Back when Yun Yi got into Di Yi Senior High School from Xinjiang Town Junior High School, it was not without reason as his assiduity resulted in his excellent grades.

To have gone to Qing You’s house for once and stayed there without doing his homework, such a Yun Yi was unheard of. There was a tug on the corner of Yun Jian’s lips but she said nothing more.

“Xiao Jian, have you guys eaten? Look how skinny the girls are. I can make you all something to eat,” Qin Yirou said and moved to the kitchen.

“Mama Qin, we’ve eaten! We’re very full! Jiejie took us to eat!” little Yun Zhu answered with a pat on his tummy.

Qin Yirou smiled at that. She was immensely content with her current life as it was something she had never dreamed of having.

When Duan Li and Duan Ya’s room was prepared, all of them turned in for the night.

Duan Li and Duan Ya were young and the latter was scared to sleep alone, so both of them shared a room. After all three children had fallen asleep, Yun Jian was to go back to her room for bed but Si Yi pulled her to his room instead right in front of Qin Yirou.

Knowing that Si Yi would not act recklessly, Yun Jian compiled without protest.

Once they lay on the bed in Si Yi’s room, the young man hugged Yun Jian out of habit.

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“Were you alright this afternoon?” Si Yi’s muffled voice came from the top of Yun Jian’s head.

Yun Jian had planned to sleep, so she snuggled close to Si Yi upon hearing him and answered, “I’m fine, just didn’t know who those people are.”

There was no doubt what Si Yi asked was about what happened at Yun Zhu’s school during the day. Someone was after Yun Jian—when Si Yi first heard the news, his heart stuttered. Although he knew that Yun Jian would be fine, it was still a big deal to Si Yi.

“It’s the Inferno Ring, probably people from Metal King Kong’s side. I’ll take care of it,” Si Yi told Yun Jian as he breathed in the fragrance from her hair.

“Mn.” Yun Jian slipped off to dreamland swiftly engulfed in Si Yi’s warm embrace.

The next day, she woke up in his arms. After a morning run with Si Yi, Yun Jian picked up her book bag as well as a steaming egg and two buns from Qin Yirou before she departed to Longmen Yi Junior High School for registration.

Just as Yun Jian got to the school gate, she saw Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi whom she had not seen for a long time.

“Jianjian! I’m here!” Chen Xinyi waved her hand excitedly once she saw Yun Jian.

Yun Jian broke into a smile when she saw the girl and turned to go to them.

“Jianjian, you’re so early!” Chen Xinyi walked up to meet her and hook her arm over Yun Jian’s intimately, ditching Zhang Shaofeng.

“Hey, hey, hey, that’s my master, you know!” Zhang Shaofeng went after them once he caught up with the situation.

“Master, I didn’t forget training during the winter break even for a day! Check up on me soon!” Zhang Shaofeng laughed and chased after them.

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