The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 68 - Starting The Basketball Game. A Tough Cookie (1)

Chapter 68 - Starting The Basketball Game. A Tough Cookie (1)

Wang Rourou’s jab did not faze Yun Jian.

Instead, the girl smirked. "Thank you for your kind words."

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After pausing for a beat, she continued. "I wish the same for you."

"You!" Wang Rourou gritted her teeth with anger, not expecting Yun Jian to retort.

After that, it was as if she thought of something as she chuckled and looked at Yun Jian in disdain. "Hah, what good does having a sharp tongue bring? If you’re so smart, score as high as I will!"

Yun Jian had already known that the original body’s owner had terrible results, already ranking last in the class and sometimes, even being the worst in the whole school.

Wang Rourou’s results were not the best, however, she was among the top ten in class.

She taunted her because she was so confident and reassured that Yun Jian would not be able to catch up to her grades.

"You can anticipate it then. Now, please move away because you’re an eyesore," Yun Jian said while squinting far off into the distance.

Wang Rourou stomped away angrily, thinking that Yun Jian will go cry at a corner when the monthly test results were released.

Yun Jian finally regained her peace after the girl left.

The examination began soon.

Yun Jian was not in a hurry to write once she had gotten the papers.

Ten minutes was all she took to complete each and every question on the test, before she slept in her seat.

The supervising teacher turned a blind eye as she was long used to students with poorer results sleeping during the examination.

Wang Rourou who saw Yun Jian writing only for a short moment wore a widening grin.

Look, wasn’t she acting like she’s the greatest? She must be stumped after answering the test for only ten minutes!

Haha, her current state must be due to the questions being too difficult, she doesn’t know how to answer them!

Never in Wang Rourou’s wildest dream would she have thought that Yun Jian had only spent ten minutes on the test and she was done with the questions.

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When all the test papers were collected after the tests on Monday and Tuesday, the teachers were in no rush to mark them. The monthly test this time was a joint examination among five schools. All the papers would be submitted for scoring by the higher-ups.

Consequently, the results were released a few days later as well.


Early Friday morning, the sun was warm with a soft breeze blowing.

The sunlight lined Yun Jian’s figure with a layer of gold.

She wore a high ponytail today and looked full of vim and vigor.

With her bag hooked only on one side of her shoulders, Yun Jian entered the classroom rather relaxed.

Li Xiangyi’s shout came from her back. "Yun Jian, go to the sports ground quickly. The basketball match is starting soon. Those buffoons from Dongjiang Town have already been waiting there for a long time. We can’t lose in spirit!"

Yun Jian gently pressed her lips together. She did not reply to Li Xiangyi directly, choosing to speak with her actions.

She was standing by the classroom door. When she heard Li Xiangyi, she grabbed her bag and shot it toward her desk that was a few meters away.


A precise aim of her bag from the classroom door landed onto her desk. Yun Jian turned to follow Li Xiangyi to the field, leaving a group of dumbstruck students in the class.

"Oh my god, Yun Jian is so cool!" A boy in the class could not help gasping after a few beats of silence.

"I’d looked down at Yun Jian representing our school at the basketball competition, but witnessing what she did just now, I’m impressed! C’mon, let’s go cheer for her at the field!"

The boys in the class marched to the field merrily.

Lu Feiyan was already there, having reserved a good spot to cheer for Yun Jian.

The basketball competition between Xinjiang Town Junior High School and Dongjiang Town Junior High School was held in the former school’s home ground.

Due to the location, most of the academic staff and students had all gathered at the field.

Currently on the basketball court, Yun Jian’s dainty frame looked small and fragile among the tall and sturdy basketball players.

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