The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 680 - A Taekwondo Gym. Some Guidance

Chapter 680: A Taekwondo Gym. Some Guidance

Yun Jian headed for the classroom from the school gate with Chen Xinyi and Zhang Shaofeng.

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After more than 20 days of winter break, everyone they met in the school was familiar faces whom they had seen but could not remember the names of. They often met students from other classes in school but did not know their names.

It was a common occurrence in the life of a student. Peers from different classes usually bumped into each other in the restrooms but they might not even know each other’s name after three years of junior high.

Just as Yun Jian and friends arrived at the classrooms, a cool looking guy came from the opposite direction.

“Hi, you guys are early.” Ling Yichen waved and came up to Yun Jian and others as he spoke.

Yun Jian did not have a good impression of Ling Yichen when they first met but after spending some time together, she was not really put off by the boy anymore. Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi apparently thought better of Ling Yichen as well.

“Pft! Aren’t you earlier than us?” Chen Xinyi made a sweeping wave motion at Ling Chenyi like she was chasing him away.

“Heh heh.” The young man stroked his head in embarrassment while Chen Xinyi went back to hooking arms with Yun Jian and ran forward.

Ling Yichen was originally the school’s playboy who showed exceptional potential in picking up girls. He switched girlfriends out faster than he would change outfits. However, since mingling with Yun Jian, Chen Xinyi, and Zhang Shaofeng, Ling Yichen had ceased his flirty relationships.

“Hey, you three, wait up!” Ling Yichen rubbed his chin in feigned dominance before shouting and giving chase when he suddenly realized that even Zhang Shaofeng had gone far in catching up with Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi.

“We. Are. Not. Waiting. For. You. Humph!” Chen Xinyi pulled a silly face at Ling Yichen before tugging Yun Jian to walk faster with a giggle.

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With a smile, Yun Jian went along with the group as they bickered and jostled jovially back to the classroom.

Ling Yichen was not their classmate, so he left them a while after they came to the building.

After making it back to class, their homeroom teacher began collecting tuition fees. The year 1999 was without the convenience of the internet, so students of this era paid for their tuition fees by bringing the payment to class. When the fees were collected and the textbooks were distributed, it meant the end of the winter break and the official start of a new semester.

Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi hung their heads in their seats, rather down that a new term had begun. Some of their classmates shared the same sentiment, chattering about how they had not had enough fun and the winter break had already ended before it started.

Fortunately for them, school dismissed at 11am today since it was only for them to collect their textbooks. Classes would only start on the second day, so the teachers were not planning to keep the students around for long either.

Zhang Shaofeng was the most excited when school was dismissed.

“Master, I have an uncle who opened up a taekwondo gym in Longmen City. Let’s train there today!” the boy spoke in ecstasy.

His father’s old friend, Zuo Linwei, who Zhang Shaofeng addressed as uncle, was incredibly close to the boy since he was a small kid.

Ever since Yun Jian agreed to teach Zhang Shaofeng, three of them stayed around the school after dismissal to go through her lessons. Now that the boy’s uncle started a taekwondo gym, he suggested that they train there.

“Sure.” Yun Jian nodded.

Zhang Shaofeng was thrilled that Yun Jian agreed and added. “Awesome! Master, my uncle’s actually been wanting to meet you since he heard of your ability so he could get some guidance from you!”

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